Why Was Invention Of Anti Static Poly Bags Necessary


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Why Was Invention Of Anti Static Poly Bags Necessary Summary: Anti Static Poly Bags Manufacturers came up with the brilliant idea of anti static poly bags when it was discovered that electrical components get damaged by the electrostatic discharge from normal poly bags. The Anti static Poly Bags Suppliers in Delhi saw a rise in demand of such bags as more and more industries felt the need to send their electrical components in plastic courier bags. Few years back when important electrical components had to be transported from one station to another they were packed in a normal poly bag and sent by courier. Most of the times the components which were in working condition earlier were found to be damaged on reaching the destination. After much thought and research it was found out that the electrostatic discharge from static poly bags damaged these bags. This created the need for anti static poly bags. These important components could always be couriered in boxes but this increased the cost a lot. Industries had this requirement quite frequently. Anti Static Poly Bags Manufacturers came up with this brilliant product to solve this problem. What are the features There are certain features that make this bag more popular. If you are someone who wants to know more about this product then buying it then this blog is perfect for you. Without much wait let us take a look at the features that make this product popular among all. • The first thing that you need to know about this product is the fact that multiple layers of protection are often used to protect the product both from mechanical damage and electrostatic damage. You can get these bags in many different sizes. • The strength of the product is also another aspect that you need to understand about this product. It also means that they can accommodate heavy weight products with ease. • Temperature plays a crucial role in the aspect of transporting or courier items. There are times when the product is sent to areas that are too hot or too cold. Also high humidity areas cannot be excluded from the list. These products help the electrical

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components to stay secure and intact without getting affected by the outside temperature. • The product is made using high-quality products that are recyclable. That also ensures they do not react with the items stored inside. These bags are made with 50” microns of thickness which is degradable and hence does not pose any threat to the environment. These were some of the popular specifications of this product which made it acceptable in the market. You can buy the best product from a reliable manufacturer. About the author This article is written by Neha. She is associated with one of the leading Anti Static Poly Bag Suppliers Modwrap. They are known for manufacturing the best quality of product and also supplying the same at an affordable cost. Their website has the inventory that you can check out. Also to place orders or know more you can always visit their official website. Contact Us: Phone – +91-9811380229 / +91-9953980229 Website - http://www.modwrap.com/

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