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Simple Ways To Get App Reviews On Your Mobile App Today we know for a fact that there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app stores being released on a yearly basis. And in order to stand out in the midst of Android and iOS applications app reviews are something that can help you through it. Mobile ​app reviews ​ not only create a better impression on the app users but also help by providing a boost to the ranking of the app. This app ranking is crucial because it is a major factor that is considered when shortlisting the apps for the trending or featured page in app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Best Ways To Get Positive App Reviews Now before we can move on to the simple ways of getting app reviews on your application there’s one thing you should remember. App reviews so not just happen by themselves so it will be better if you don’t expect hundreds of ratings and reviews to appear within a day or two. Here are some of the simplest things that you can do to get positive app reviews on your application: 1. App Review Plugin One of the quickest ways to obtain application reviews is to just ask. Yes that’s right It is an easy way to get your app reviewed that works most of the time. This process can be done much more effectively by using an app review plugin as there are various turn-key plugins available for both Android as well as iOS platforms. Using an app review plugin will require only 2 to 5 minutes in total and will also prompt app users to review the application. But this is only done after a particular user has reached a certain number of clicks on engagement in the app.

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For example if an app user clicks on the ‘Rate’ option he/she will be taken directly to the respective app store where they can leave their review and rating about the app. 2. Incentivize Users The next strategy you can try out is to incentivize your app users. To be very honest a majority of people don’t like annoying popups on smartphone screens. So in order to gather some mobile app reviews for your mobile app you need to do more than just displaying an app review popup to your audience. In short you need to incentivize them to leave a review or rating on your application. You can simply start to motivate your target audience by leaving a genuine app review on the respective app stores. This incentive can be in the form of extra credit or even any sort of virtual currency. This is one of the easiest strategies to implement that has the potential to garner amazing output.

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3. Effective Support Team Another important thing that you need to take care of is the quality of support you are providing your customers with. The primary aim of offering a support team to your app users is to maintain a direct line of communication. So why not make this opportunity work in your favor by asking politely about the feedback for your application. Many experts even suggest that the best route to a good mobile app review is to provide effective customer service to your audience. It’s common for apps to include a “Send Feedback” button that just pops open an email form. But for very little effort you can integrate a plugin into your app that can assist you in communicating directly with your users through a live two-way instant messaging window. Read Here:- ​Why Your App Needs Reviews 4. Review Prompts Next on the list we have review prompts which are widely known for being a great way to remind app users to leave an app rating or review on the platform. Another crucial point is to time the prompts appropriately within the UX user experience.

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A number of mobile applications make the rookie mistake of asking for reviews when the user launches the app for the very first time. This makes a very poor impression on the user and also degrades the overall user experience as well. A much better way to ask for the application review is to wait until the app user has completed some primary tasks in the app. This is the part where prompting for an app review can be turned into a win-win situation for both app owners as well as app users. 5. Initiate a Contest Last but not least there is always an option to initiate a contest for your dedicated audience. Here all you have to do is run a fun and interesting contest related to your application on multiple forums to attract a wide audience. For instance there’s even a blog known as Touch Arcade that has a section within their own forums where mobile app developers can easily run contests and giveaways to entice other members of the forums to leave reviews and ratings for their applications. In the end we can reach the conclusion that app reviews are vital for an app’s success and the above-stated steps can help you achieve that goal. Apart from that there are also many great ​app review platforms ​ in the market that are professionals when it comes to reviewing apps. We suggest that you keep your options open when it comes to delicate topics like app reviews or scenarios that include getting your apps reviewed.

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