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There are many factors that cause scratches on the LCD screen. So every smartphone and tablet screen protector is really needed because the best quality tempered glass can protect your LCD screen from damage. Here We are sharing information about Mobilesentrix Casper Tempered Glass. This Casper Glass is stronger than an ordinary Screen protector because it’s made with high quality materials. We Supply Mobile Parts, Phone Repair Parts and Cell Phone Replacement Parts, iPhone Parts Supplier in the USA. for more visit


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Does Smartphone or Tablet really need a Screen Protector?


Many people believe Mobile Phone Case is a must needed. But what about a Cell Phone Screen protector? Smartphones are very expensive, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one and end up with a scratched screen. There are many factors that cause scratches on the LCD screen like If you put your cell phone with the key in your pocket then LCD got scratches from key. If your hand nails are big then maybe you got scratches from nails. Sometime sands in our pocket, that sand makes scratches on any type of LCD Screen. many other possibilities of getting scratches.


Now a day, the Latest new Smartphone or Table uses Gorilla Glass for the screen. That Gorilla Glass is a toughened, hard glass with some scratch resistance and protects your phone. The glass is lightweight, strong and compatible with touch screen technologies. But at some point many people proof that Gorilla Glass also got scratches. Some common materials can scratch Gorilla Glass. The biggest culprit is sand if you go to the beach and end up with some sand in your pocket that sand can rub against your smartphone’s glass screen and scratch it. Other types of glass, rare metals, and very-hard materials like diamonds can also scratch a Gorilla Glass screen.


There are many types of Screen Protector like Thermoplastic Polyreuthane (TPU), Tempered Glass and Nano Liquid. Tempered Glass is the best screen protector in the market now! Tempered glass is used to protect from scratches or damage to your Mobile Phone. Tempered glass screen protectors feel similar to your actual phone screen. Your finger will slide more easily on a glass protector than a plastic protector. Tempered glass is easier to install and goes on more smoothly. After biggest Success of Tempered Glass as the best screen protector many other companies have started the manufacturing of Tempered Glass. Let's discuss Mobilesentrix Casper Tempered Glass.


Casper Tempered Glass This Casper Tempered Glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass. This tempered glass has been created keeping in mind the demand and cheap prices of the market. Light Testing Transparency There’s no need to worry about yellowing, clouding, or unresponsive touch inputs. They’re so thin and transparent that it’s like having an invisible shield over your phone’s display. It has 95% of transparency rate. Sidewall Strength Test One of the main reasons for tempered glass to crack is by having pressure on the side of the glass. This also prevents chipping of the tempered glass from normal wear and tear. Casper can resist up to 43 kg based on the sidewall strength test.


Oleo Phobic Coating Test If 5000 finger swipe and oil coating is still available it is truly Ole- Ophobic tempered glass. A Casper tempered glass successfully performs more than 5000 finger swipe and still oil coating available . Durability & Bend Test This testing procedure is done to see the strength and durability of the glass. The composition of the tempered glass and the tempering process control the durability and the overall strength. A bend test is a very easy method to get an idea of the strength of the overall structure of the glass. Nuglas breaks at 120 degrees whereas Casper is able to reach 150 degrees before it shatters.

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About Mobilesentrix Mobilesentrix is most trusted online store for Cell Phone Tempered Glass and Screen Protector Supplier in the USA. All Screen Protector is made from quality raw materials. Casper Tempered Glass is most selling product. Here you can also purchase Mobile Parts, Mobile Repair Parts Wholesale , Phone Parts and Phone Replacement Parts at the competitive price. We provide tested and quality parts to our customers. Shop with Confidence.

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