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7 of the many uses of a Wiki webpage


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The Uses of A Wiki : 

The Uses of A Wiki by Modupe Alabi 10/31/08 3rd Block/Digital Journalism

Objectives : 

Objectives You will learn about the uses of a Wiki You will learn about the history of the Wiki

History of The Wiki : 

History of The Wiki A Wiki is a type of software that allows users to edit web page content. The word “Wiki” comes from the Hawaiian word for fast. The Wiki was created by Ward Cunningham when he was developing and experimenting with software that could allow communication between software developers and also to test the capabilities of hypertext. Cunningham called it the WikiWikiWeb and went public with the first Wiki in 1995. However, it didn’t become popular among people until 2001when Wikipedia became successful with its users.

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki # 1. Creating a knowledge base on a specific topic If you love something and want to spread the word about it, or create a page devoted to it, create a Wiki about it! Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #2 Collaborative Writing A Wiki is very useful in helping build cooperation skills. In Wiki, you can create a page and others can come and edit it where needed. You can learn more from others and learn how to work with them. Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #3 Product Reviews and Comparisons Fascinated with all the functions of an iPhone? Create a Wiki to discuss it with other tech-enthusiasts. Want to compare it to the new Instinct from Sprint? A Wiki can also be used to compare it to other products. Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #4 Creating How-To’s If you know how to do something well and you’d like to explain to others how to do it, create a Wiki page to do just that. Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #5 Creating Promotional Material If you own your own business, create a Wiki as an informational page about it. This can help popularize it and help you connect with other business-owners. Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #6 Sharing Tips and Advice Similar to a how-to; if you have a knack for simplifying common tasks or know the best way to personally change the oil in your car; create a Wiki on teaching others to do the same. Ex:

Uses of a Wiki : 

Uses of a Wiki #7 Parody If you hated the latest speech from George Bush and want to ridicule it, create a Wiki and mock the speech. Feel free to “modify” it at your own will. This is a perfect outlet for sarcasm, irony and subtle jokes. Ex:

Summary : 

Summary In putting together this presentation, I learned about how the Wiki was created and more about what hypertext really is. I learned that you can use the Wiki in several ways that are actually helpful like developing a database for something I know a lot about and working with others in improving it.

Quiz : 

Quiz 1. Who invented the Wiki? 2. What did he/she first call it? 3. When did he/she invent it? 4. Name at least two uses explained in this presentation.

References : 

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