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Abel Tasman:

Abel Tasman 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 1

Time Line:

Time Line Basic Information Birth Year : 1603 Birth Place : Lutjegast , Netherlands Relationship Status : Married to   Claesgie Heyndrix who died , and on 11 January 1632 at Amsterdam he married Jannetje (Joanna) Tjaerts , aged 21. Daughter’s Name : Claesjen Died: October, 1659 Nationality : Dutch 4/2/2014 2 Rocco Hamadi


THE VOYAGES 1642 First Voyage The Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies ordered Tasman to prove and find the fifth continent. Tasman sailed two ships the Heemskerck and Zeehaen   heading south  and east searching for the  southern land . Bad weather and the cold forced him further north where he found land at a place he called Van Dieman's Land, now Tasmania. Tasman landed in Frederick Henry Bay where they collected wood and water. They heard voices in the forest but they did not see any aboriginal people. 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 3

Tasman's Journey:

Tasman's Journey This map shows you Tasman's first voyage where he found Tasmania and also New Zealand. 4/2/2014 4 Rocco Hamadi


THE VOYAGES 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 5 1644 Tasman had three ships on his second voyage ( Limmen ,  Zeemeeuw  and the tender  Braek ) Tasman was sent to find the Great South Land which is known as Australia. Little is known of Tasman’s actual voyage, except the northern coast line was followed and mapped. Tasman also sailed the coast, but had done little exploration of the land he passed.  

Tasman's Voyage:

Tasman's Voyage Tasman’s voyage was not successful, he found some aboriginal people and thought that they were poor and he did not find out if they can trade or seek some gold or silver in the land. The Dutch East Indies company that send Tasman thought he used lot of money but did not find a new shipping route or any interesting land. 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 6

Tasman’s Second Voyage :

Tasman’s Second Voyage 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 7

Tasmans’Later Life:

Tasmans’Later Life On 2 November 1644 Abel Tasman was appointed a member of the Council of Justice at Batavia and went to Sumatra in 1646, and in August 1647 to Thailand . May 1648 he went to Manila to try to steal from the Spanish silver ships coming from America, but he was not successful and returned to Batavia in January 1649. In November 1649 he was found guilty of hanging one of his men without trial Tasman was suspended and paid the family of the sailor. On 5 January 1651 he was back to work and spent his remaining years at Batavia. 4/2/2014 Rocco Hamadi 8

Abel Tasman by Rocco Hamadi:

Abel Tasman by Rocco Hamadi Thank you for watching 4/2/2014 Rocco 9

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