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Abel Tasman:

By Sara 4B Abel Tasman


Background Abel Janszoon Tasman was born on the 10 th of October 1603, in Lutjegast, Netherlands. He received ordinary education to enable him to become a skilled navigator. He married Claesgie Meyndrix , and he had a daughter . After the birth of their daughter, Claesgie died from an unknown illness. After his wife died, he married Joanna Tiercx in January 1632.

The Voyage:

The Voyage In 1642 the Governor general of the D utch East I ndies, Anthony Van Dieman, ordered Abel T asman to seek and map New Holland, now known as Australia, the land mass that had been the cause of so many D utch ship wrecks. The Dutch didn’t know much either about what surrounds Australia so Tasman was instructed to find out more about the land and seas. Abel Tasman sailed with two ships ,the H eemskreck and the Zeehaen heading south and east searching for the southern land (Australia). A really big storm and the cold forced Tasman further north where he found land at a place he called Van Dieman's Land, now known as Tasmania. – Tasmania’s discovery was an accident.


Discovery In 1642, Abel Tasman was the first to sight Tasmania on the 24 th of November After the discovery of Tasmania, Abel Tasman decided to continue his voyage and again due to bad stormy weather he had to sail in an east direction. So on the 13 th of December, 1642 he found ‘a large land, uplifted high’ – which is now called New Zealand. On the way back, Tasman came across the Tongan Islands and Fiji on the 20 th of January. On all these lands, there were natives living on them including Aboriginals, Maoris and Samoans. Tasman’s first view of New Zealand

Map of Voyage:

Map of Voyage

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