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By 4KM and 4KJ August 2012 Descriptive Olympic Writing

Rowing to Win:

Rowing to Win I think Kim Crow and Brooke Pratley are feeling very happy and very emotional because they have just won silver. Brooke is holding her bouquet victoriously and both of them are wearing their medals. They are wearing swimsuits. They are wearing them because they have finished the race. The background looks like it was a peaceful sunny day and Kim and Brooke’s victory makes it look like an exciting day. There is a canoe in the background and you can see the calm sea. They look excited because they have been training and this victory is an emotional moment for them. I think this picture was taken on August 3 rd , at the London 2012 Olympics. I think Kim and Brooke are dreaming about going home and relaxing, eating something nice and cool (like ice cream) and seeing their coach and supporters. By Maha

The Golden Girl:

The Golden Girl Sally Pearson got a gold medal for the 100m hurdles and set a new record in 12.32 seconds. In this photo you can see rain and Sally Pearson lying on the ground with joy. Sally was very excited when she saw her name marked as first on the board, and she started jumping around with excitement. She is wearing a top and shorts to keep cool. She is also wearing spikes on her shoes. By Loren

Another Great Victory!:

Another Great Victory! Mitchell Watt got a silver medal in the long jump and is very proud of his achievement. The long jumper was surprised because it was his final attempt at the Olympic medals. He jumped 8.16m, which was nearly a personal best. Mitchell is wearing a yellow sleeveless top and green shorts. He is wearing spiky red shoes to help him grip onto the ground. They also help him to run faster. By Travis

Flying High:

Flying High In this photo Steve Hooker is clearing his first jump, putting him into the final with a jump of 5.40m. Hooker is wearing comfortable clothes that allow him to stretch. In the background, Australian fans are cheering him on happily and encouraging him to go hard. You can see Olympic Stadium in the photo and there are people in the stands cheering the athletes on. In the photo, Steve’s facial expression shows he is very nervous and determined. The only weather Steve could feel was the air of the cheering Aussies. Steve is determined to win and is feeling proud. By Clancy

A Victory in the Hurdles:

A Victory in the Hurdles Sally Pearson said, “I was so nervous but now I can move on”. Sally is wearing a singlet and some shorts. She is wearing the singlet and shorts so she doesn’t get too hot. Sally’s facial expression tells me that she is saying in her head, “I can do it!” And she did, she got past that finish line first. Sally feels so happy and glad that she got over the line in the hurdles. By Kayley

I See London, I See Gold:

I See London, I See Gold This is a picture of Asafa Powell and Churandy Martina, racing for gold. The weather is sunny, great for a win. Both athletes are wearing black bike shorts and a yellow singlet top. Both Asafa and Churandy’s faces are concentrating on gold. Asafa is probably thinking, “Come on man, make Jamaica proud!” Asafa is feeling excited and would be encouraging himself. He feels proud to be in the 2012 London Olympics. By Iesha

Jumping for Joy:

Jumping for Joy In this photograph, I believe that Aussie long jumper Mitchell Watt is practising for the London 2012 Olympic Games. You can tell that he is concentrating exceptionally hard to make his most extreme jump yet. I don’t think that he would be feeling too nervous because he isn’t competing in the Olympics. His facial expression tells me that he wants to get better and better for when he is competing. Mitchell is wearing a singlet top to that looks not to tight or too baggy, but just right. His tight shorts are black and green and are branded “Adidas”. You can see the long jump track in the background. You can also see the white line that Mitchell has just jumped from. By Millie

Team Great Britain:

Team Great Britain This picture is of Jon Ralph and his teammate from Great Britain. It looks like they have just won an event, and that is why they are holding the England flag. The athletes are wearing the Great Britain Olympic jumpers. I think they very happy that they won a medal for their country. They would be saying to each other, “Well done!” The Olympic Stadium is in the background. You can see the stands and the athletic track. By Tyler

Second Is Ours!:

Second Is Ours! This photo shows Kim Crow and Brooke Pratley, rowing after their medal ceremony. They are both wearing green shorts with a tight yellow singlet and their silver medal. They are wearing these clothes because they are comfortable and stretchy, so they can move easily. These girls seem very happy with their silver medals. Brooke Pratley is showing the crowd her muscles by tensing them. Very strong! Kim and Brooke are in a silver canoe with a London 2012 sticker on it. The colour of their medal matches the silver canoe. The water in the background looks very calm and there are red buoys guiding them around the circuit. They have big smiles on their faces and nothing will make them stop. I think the girls would feel really stoked and very excited about their silver medal. By Sophie

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