Tasmanian Tigers - By Josh and Brandon

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Tasmanian Tiger:

Tasmanian Tiger By Josh and Brandon

Fun Facts:

Fun Facts A fully grown Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine) can grow to sizes as big as 180cm and can weigh up to 30kg. T he first man to confirm a sighting of a Tasmanian tiger was Marc-Joseph Marion Du Fresne in 1772. In 1999 the Australian museum started to try and bring the tiger to life once again.


Habitats The Tassie Tiger was the apex predator living around mainlands, dry eucalypt forests and scrublands. They were also found in New Guinea. . The Tassie Tiger liked bushlands , grasslands or open wetlands as well.


Appearance Tassie tigers have distinct stripes spreading across their spine starting thin and short from the neck, then getting thicker and longer as you go down. T hen the stripes get smaller and shorter once you start to reach the tail. Stripes


Relatives Tassie Tigers and timber wolves have the same shaped skull and they are somewhat related to the red wolf. A closer relative to the thylacine is the timber wolf. That means that the thylacine is part of the wolf family in some cases. Also in the family is the endangered Tassie Devil .

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