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Communication: How to make it effective?:

Communication: How to make it effective? Presented By Mirdula Madhu

How to make communication effective?:

How to make communication effective? Language: > Avoid complex languages, technical terms & jargons > It must be simple and must be understandable to the receiver > Explain abstract ideas and avoid vague experessions.

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Regulating the flow of communication: >Priority message must be communicated first. > Important message must not be overlooked or ignored by the receiver. Feedback (Two way Communication): > communication is complete only when feedback is received. > includes the receiver’s response as his acceptance or understanding of the message.

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Repitition: >Helps in effective communication of the message by repeating. > messages that are ambigious, unclear, & too difficult to understand must be repeated. Avoids forgetting. Restrain over emotions: >can distort the message >so respond to communication with a composed mind.

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Mutual Trust and Faith: > there must be mutual trust between the sender & receiver of the message. > Honesty of the purpose is the best means of communicating at the fullest. Listen Carefully: > misunderstanding and confusion arise when the message is hea.rd half heartedly. >Therefore the listener need to be patient, well composed and attentive to what is being communicated

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Pygmalion Effect: > Ancient Greek mythology- Pygmalion, a sculptor, carved a statue of a beautiful woman. With his perfection, the sculptor fell in love & sat in front of it hoping it will some day come alive. And it ultimately happened. This is Pygmalion effect.

How to make communication more effective in a management association?:

How to make communication more effective in a management association? Clarify before attempting to communicate Examine the purpose of communication Understand the physical and human environment before communicating in planning communication, consult others to obtain support, as well as the factors.

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Communicate something that helps or is valued to the receiver. Communication needs follow up to make it effective. Communicate messages that are of short-run & long-run importance. Action must be congruent to the communication. Be a good listener too. Consider the contents and overtone of the message.

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