Mint floor Coverings


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Mint is more than a place to buy floor coverings. We take your projects seriously. Our in-house design consultants will work with you to make sure everything is perfect.


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Mint floor Coverings:

Mint floor Coverings


We are a team of experts who are educated and experienced in the flooring industry. Whether you’re looking to do a whole project from start to finish, working with one of our many builder clients, or just wanting to purchase product to install yourself, we have skilled professionals to help you on your way.


We offer several services; our team is here to help. Our designers offer their experience and education in picking out products, materials, finishes, and colours . Our measuring team travel on site to get a feel of the space and measure those tight corners so we are sure to order the exact amount of product. Our installation team have been in the industry for years and can install any of our products listed on our website. Overall, we make up a team that can help you oversee your project from beginning to end.


The first known use for mint was to sweeten the aroma of rooms whose organic floors were diminished by wandering animals that often shared the run of the household. Stepping on the mint leaves diffused their pleasant minty fragrance throughout the room. Now you know.


Our ownership’s industry experience dates back to 1995. In 2010 the decision was made to open Mint and try to do things with a fresh new attitude. Starting with the initial customer experience and our on-staff designers, to the final installed product by the industry’s top installation technicians… we want everything to be “MINT”!


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