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Port reception facilities for ship generated waste: 

Port reception facilities for ship generated waste Hans van ‘t Noordende h.vantnoordende@tebodin.nl +31 70 3480252

International Tebodin network: 

International Tebodin network Bahrain Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina China Czech Republic Croatia Germany Hungary Lithuania Kazakhstan The Netherlands Oman Poland Qatar Romania Russia Slovak Republic Serbia Ukraine United Arab Emirates

Ports of Batumi and Poti, Georgia: 

Market assessment of possible terminal and infrastructure projects for a Dutch company, such as breakwaters, terminal development and expansion of ports Ports of Batumi and Poti, Georgia

Ports of Baku / EBRD, Azerbaijan: 

Business planning Tariff studies Ports of Baku / EBRD, Azerbaijan Institutional advice Operational efficiency improvement

The Project: 

The Project Implementation of the EU Directive 2000/59/EC, concerning port reception facilities (PRF) for ship-generated waste and cargo residues. Funding by the Netherlands Ministry of Economical Affairs Benificiaries: the Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company (PIC), the Executive Agency Ports Administration (EAPA) and the Maritime Administration (MA) Tebodin Consultants & Engineers is managing the project and providing the experience, technical input and know-how Duration of the project is from January 2005 to December 2006.


Goal ‘The purpose of this Directive is to reduce the discharges of ship-generated waste and cargo residues into the sea, especially illegal discharges, from ships using ports in the Community, by improving the availability and use of port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues, thereby enhancing the protection of the marine environment.’

The Project: 

The Project Five project components: Transposition of Directive into Bulgarian Legislation Development of fee system Preparation of Waste Reception & Handling Plan Establishing contracts with PRF’s Set-up of waste database One system for the Ports of Varna and Bourgas The level playing field principle.

EU Directive 2000/59/EC: 

EU Directive 2000/59/EC Obligations imposed on ports and ship owners: Availability of proper PRF’s No undue delays Mandatory waste notification on board of vessels Mandatory waste delivery by vessels (although many exemptions) Waste fee recovery system to be implemented (>30% indirect) Compulsary delivery for MARPOL I, IV and V The fees shall be fair, transparent, non-discriminatory Each port has to implement a waste reception&handling plan

Black sea model?: 

Black sea model?

What is expected from you? (1): 

What is expected from you? (1) Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company (PIC) Contracting PRF’s and/or waste processors Reporting of waste data using the waste database Payment to PRF’s Executive Agency Ports Administration (EAPA) Harmonising legislation Approving Waste Reception & Handling Plans Approval of 100% indirect fee system Dealing with complaints

What is expected from you? (2): 

What is expected from you? (2) Maritime Administration (MA) Inspections on ships Approving exemptions Connection to VTMIS (2008) Ministry of Environment and Water Issue of licence to the waste operators Monitoring and enforcement

What is expected from you? (3): 

What is expected from you? (3) Shipping industry: Data entry (Notification form) to waste database Payment of the indirect fee to BPIC Payment of the direct fee to waste operators Issue of complaints, if applicable Application of exemption Keeping records

What is expected from you? (4): 

What is expected from you? (4) Waste operators (PRF): Reception of ship generated waste Delivery to licenced waste processor Completing Ship Waste Delivery Form and keeping records Data entry (waste volumes and categories) to waste database Billing of the direct fee for waste delivery Port operators: Facilitating port reception facilities (annex V)

Waste Reception & Handling Plan: 

Waste Reception & Handling Plan Assessment of the need for port reception facilities (PRF); Description of the type and capacity of PRF’s; Detailed description of procedures for the waste reception Description of the fee system; Complaint procedures; Exemption for reporting, indirect fee (and discharge) Procedures to monitor the status of the WRHP together with stakeholders; Indications of types and quantities of ship-generated waste and cargo residues received and handled.

Waste database through internet access: 

Waste database through internet access

Fee system 2007 Annex I: 

Fee system 2007 Annex I

Fee system 2007 Annex V: 

Fee system 2007 Annex V


Conclusions Implementation Directive 2000/59/EC in deep water Execution ongoing: Proposals for amendments to legislation submitted Fee system established Waste Reception & Handling Plan prepared Licence and tendering process started Waste database (almost) operational Level playing field only possible through harmonising fee system with Romania, Turkey and in accordance with practices in Georgia, Russia and Ukraine

Protect the marine environment : 

Protect the marine environment


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