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History (1990-2004): 

History (1990-2004) 1990 Thorspring LTD Formed by several of Iceland’s foremost business leaders, including Coca Cola of Iceland, HOF Real Estate Holdings and the City of Reykjavik Water Works. 1992-2000 Distribution contract with Kemmerer Beverages (later known as Select then ABC) Rights to distribute Thorspring in 3 Midwestern states Coca Cola of Iceland produces product 2000-2001 Separate sales organization formed and new capital injection Iceland Spring Launched in 2001 Reaches major distribution in the US but runs out of money in the end of 2001 2002 (January) - current CATCO division of Egils, purchases assets January 2002 Decides to diminish export reliance of company and substantially downsizes US entity Midnight Sun Brands takes on Distribution Rights for the US 2004- PURE Distribution US, LLC formed, a joint venture between Eric Skae and David Lomnitz

Our Source: 

Our Source Our natural spring is situated on the outskirts of Reykjavík in a protected nature reserve called "Heidmörk". 156 acres around the source is closed from unauthorized entry. The entire park is fenced to keep out animals. Iceland Spring originates in the mountains high above Heidmörk as rain or snow. Through inert layers of lava rock, it trickles deep into the ground, picking up a minimum amount of soluble minerals. The water collects in a large underground river running under the reserve's lava soil, and surfaces in intermittent springs. Our location has been carefully selected for its’ isolation, soil material, amount of precipitation and permeability, to ensure product quality and consistency. A borehole was sunk on a hill above the spring to tap the water at depth. It then runs through our private stainless steel pipeline from the spring directly to our bottling plant.

As Pure As It Gets: 

As Pure As It Gets A naturally high pH level of 8.7 A natural lava filter ensures the consistent purity of Iceland Spring and a very low level of total dissolved solids Making it one of the purest waters in the world At 48 mg per liter TDS, it is the lowest of the major leading imports Extensive chemical analyses regularly conducted on spring and finished product Naturally pure, sodium-free and nitrate-free So pure that no treatment is necessary Nothing is added to Iceland Spring and nothing is taken away

Iceland Spring Positioning: 

Iceland Spring Positioning Key Points of Difference are Keys to Consumer Buying Habits and Must Play a Significant Role in SKU Rationalization Brands at Higher Retail Price Points are Profit Drivers Differentiation Factor Retail price Higher Lower least most DEER PARK NATURELLE OTHERS STORE BRANDS AQUAFINA DASANI ICE MOUNTAIN POLAND SPRING/ DANNON ICELAND SPRING EVIAN FIJI

Dr. Richard Maas, Ph.D. Environmental Quality Institute Bottled Water Report: 

Dr. Richard Maas, Ph.D. Environmental Quality Institute Bottled Water Report “Compared to over 45 bottled waters* previously viewed by the Environmental Quality Institute in overall quality we have found none better than Iceland Spring.” “Apparently, the aquifer supplying Iceland Spring water is completely free of any of the dozens of common groundwater contaminants often found in U.S. and well water.” “It is free of any detectable levels of inorganic trace metal contaminants…” This water has been found to be of exceptionally high quality…” * Including: Dasani, Fiji, Evian, Volvic, Crystal Geyser


Recent Sponsorships Include: AIDS Walk New York Gibson Guitar Showroom MTV VH1 Save the Music Foundation Elle Magazine Parsons Gala Golden Globes Luxury Lounge USA Track and Field National Multiple Sclerosis Society Party Aboard the Intrepid US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team Sundance Film Festival Luxury Lounge Baby Phat Fashion Show Teen Vogue Fashion University Diabetes Walk BK Fashion Weekend Asthma Walk NY Norah Jones backstage AIDS Walk NY Jai Rodriguez backstage AIDS Walk NY

Who Drinks Iceland Spring?: 

Gwyneth Paltrow Madonna Jada Pinkett Smith Queen Latifah Judge Judy Scheinland Tom Brokaw Regis Philbin Danny Masterson The Hives Dennis Miller Sissy Spacek Peter Boyle Sting And more… Who Drinks Iceland Spring? Models Backstage BK Fashion Weekend

Where is Iceland Spring: 

Where is Iceland Spring The US has been and will be a focus market for Iceland Spring and is currently found nationwide Vitamin Shop, Vitamin World, Walgreens, New York Metro Area, LA, Selected customers in other states i.e. Whole Foods etc. included Other markets Iceland: Nationally Canada: Via U.S. Distribution Denmark: The office market in direct delivery Sweden: Selected outlets in South Sweden Italy: First delivery to a strong distribution company in Northern Italy Holland: Test market in Shell England: Sales to home delivery Japan: Nationally Thailand: Selected Outlets

Contact Information: 

Contact Information PURE Distribution US, LLC 60 Dutch Hill Rd Suite 9 Orangeburg, NY 10962 Information: (800) 274- 9060 Phone: (845) 365- 1570 Fax: (845) 365- 1572

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