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Many backyard farmers love other furry friends too but can be apprehensive when introducing their dogs to their chickens.Of course, some breeds were (and in some cases still are) bred for hunting, so if you’re planning on having chickens in your backyard, you’ll want to keep Greyhounds, Terriers, and Huskies away.There are exceptions to the rule and it all depends on the dog’s temperament and prey drive.


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slide 1: Dogs to Chickens How to Introduce You’ll want to make sure your dog is completely tired out before you introduce it to your flock. This way there will be no puppy energy flying around. STEP 1: EXERCISE DOG With your dog on a leash and your chickens in their coop or run start 20 feet away and inch towards them. Have your dog sit for treats at each step. STEP 2: POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT Keep your eyes on your dog and monitor its response to the chickens. It’s likely to be curious. Reward with treats for keeping calm. STEP 3: MONITOR DOG Divert your dog’s attention away from the chickens with toys when it’s calm. Stay in control by removing toys if it gets too rambunctious. STEP 4: USE DOG TOYS Repeat these steps each day until you’re confident your dog is comfortable with the chickens being around. Good luck STEP 5: REPEAT

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