Supervisory Leadership Development

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Leadership Development Training Mike McCoy Psyk 476 T&D:

Leadership Development Training Mike McCoy Psyk 476 T&D

Final Paper:

Final Paper Leadership Development Training The importance for leaders to lead is imperative Leaders must be equipped with the tools needed to handle all situations

Supervisor Objectives::

Supervisor Objectives: Gain a greater understanding of the role and function of leadership in organizations. Develop new skills to help supervise others, manage projects, delegate efficiently, motivate others to action, hold team members accountable and run meetings that accomplish results Increase ability to deal with a variety of people and handle conflict before it explodes

Management Objectives:

Management Objectives Discover the leadership style and the impact of that style on the team and associates Value human potential and build relationships of mutual trust and respect Develop and maintain processes and procedures that define performance goals, empower, and delegate Define purpose, values, expectations, and ground rules in order to create a cohesive team that achieves results Achieve desired outcomes and hold others accountable to predetermined results


Expectations: Participants were challenged to commit to personal accountability and application of training. Managers were required to meet with their direct reports throughout the training year to review the application of the training over the course of the program. Sessions were offered once each quarter.


Findings Overall expectations were met More Role play and communication training

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