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What is Social Media? Social Media Management Cutting through the clutter. Developing an approach to measuring social media impact. Source :


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Social Media Management Cutting through the clutter :

Social Media Management Cutting through the clutter Reynolds Center for Business Journalism Twitter: @BizJournalism Robin J. Phillips @RobinJP

It’s ok, we’re all overwhelmed .. :

It’s ok, we’re all overwhelmed .. You are not alone You have more power than you think Giving up is not a good idea Several (free) tools can be useful for filtering social media Set goals, schedule time for your social media What you want and get out of social media is very personal You will never see it all .. and that ’ s OK

Who says journalists don’t like clutter?:

Who says journalists don’t like clutter?

Social Media clutter :

Social Media clutter

Set some goals:

Set some goals Increase number of followers . Increase impact – number of retweets, interaction, story ideas generated. Increase fan/friend count. Track analytics to understand interaction, activity on your page. Set a goal for number of uploads a month . Increase number of views on your videos by integrating with rest of SM network. Make sure your key contacts on your beat are also LinkedIn contacts . Find discussions that are most relevant to your beat and take part .

Let go of feeling overwhelmed:

Let go of feeling overwhelmed

Is your media managing you?:

Is your media managing you? Email overload No time to Tweet Too much to read Is this worthwhile? Cut into personal time Too much clutter Twitter, FB, etc. Feels like a chore Mailbox zero Schedule it Readers, RSS Goals, analytics Schedule ahead Curate, thin the herd Find your style It’s a relationship Problem Possible solution

Lists, hashtags, advanced search:

Lists, hashtags, advanced search

BizJournalists list:

BizJournalists list

Never go to a conference again:

Never go to a conference again

Twitter advanced search:

Twitter advanced search

Let go of some things:

Let go of some things

Be stingy with your attention:

Be stingy with your attention

Right tool for the job:

Right tool for the job

Mobile tools Hootsuite:

Mobile tools Hootsuite

Tweetdeck mobile:

Tweetdeck mobile

Seesmic mobile:

Seesmic mobile

Find your own balance:

Find your own balance

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