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The Different Sides Of Me… : 

The Different Sides Of Me… Father Animal Lover Band Promoter Life Of The Party Friend of Little People. Yes, Even Beetlejuice!

I AM… : 

I AM… 31 years old. a proud single dad. a good guy to know. I love music, especially local talent. I enjoy movies, reading, and my hobbies, which include a variety of things, such as collecting autographs, trading cards, and international currency.

I WANT… : 

I WANT… a revolution to replace the crooked politicians in D.C. personal and financial freedom. to travel all over Europe, Egypt, and Japan. to learn something new every day. those I love to know how I feel about them.

I HAVE… : 

I HAVE… 21 tattoos and 19 piercings. Only 1 piercing in at the moment though. served in the Marines and the Air Force. an Associates degree in Arts & Sciences, which I received when I was 18 years old. recently returned to college to get my Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration.

I WISH… : 

I WISH… people would give me a chance and get to know the real me. i had a drum set and knew how to play the drums. i knew the right thing to say at any given moment.

I HATE… : 

I HATE… fake people. liars. traffic. long lines. failure. alarm clocks.

I FEAR… : 

I FEAR… spiders. snakes. unemployment. rejection.


I SEARCH… for information. I appreciate history and science and I have a constant thirst for knowledge. for the good in everyone and everything. within myself for things I can change to make myself a better person.


I WONDER… if I'll ever date a decent woman and have a normal relationship for once. if I’m doing a good enough job as a father. if my friends feel the same way about me that I do for them.


I REGRET… being too nice to certain people and getting taken advantage of. Not keeping in better touch with my family and friends.

I LOVE… : 

I LOVE… my daughter more than anything. my friends and family. music. opening packs of trading cards. checking the mailbox. the simple things in life.


I ALWAYS… keep my promises. tell the truth. find a way to get things done. wear my heart on my sleeve. give more than I receive.


I USUALLY… like to have quiet time to myself. drink too much when I go out. spend more money than I should. curse a lot. procrastinate too often.

I AM NOT… : 

I AM NOT… a liar. a cheater. fake. comfortable in a crowd. a sheep.


I DANCE… when the mood hits me and I’m in the privacy of my own home and nobody else is around. when I hear Salt & Peppa’s song, “Push It.”

I SING… : 

I SING… like total crap. never in front of other people. in my head constantly.


I NEVER… hurt anybody intentionally. judge a book by its cover. get enough sleep.


I RARELY… have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to. get to watch TV. see my family because they are all in Washington State.

I CRY… : 

I CRY… occasionally. I admit that I’m just a big teddy bear. when the Dolphins lose. Not really, but I did once in 1994 when they didn’t beat the Chargers to go to the Super Bowl.


I AM NOT ALWAYS… very good in social situations. I am shy at first and it sometimes takes me a while to feel comfortable around certain people. patient enough when it comes to teaching someone new things. right. I can admit it when I am wrong.

I NEED… : 

I NEED… my daughter. I love her more than anything in the world and she is my BFF. money to support my lifestyle and hobbies. my job. Gotta pay the bills! Some space, privacy, and alone time to myself to relax, study, work on hobbies, etc. I don’t like being smothered.


I SHOULD… lose weight. I'm a fat bastard that needs to get back in shape. play more with my daughter. control my frivolous spending habits (too many hobbies). keep in better contact with my friends and family.


I DREAM… of a brighter future for myself and the ones I love. of winning the Lotto. of the Cubs winning the World Series. that I’m in school and I forgot that I even had a certain class until it’s time for finals and I’m screwed, or that I’m jogging (my two most recurring dreams).

Conclusion… : 

Conclusion… I hope you learned a little more about me. I am open and honest about everything. I admit that I have flaws, as everyone does, but I am introspective enough to know what they are and use that knowledge to hopefully make myself a better person. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to read your answers to these same questions if you would like to share. Visit me at http://www.myspace.com/mightyoak1488

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