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The reseller hosting is the hosting service that customers buy from the company and sells to the customers.The web host divides the bulk plan into smaller or individual plans for the customers. A Reseller Hosting can act as the agent for web hosting company. If the users do not have extensive knowledge about the hosting services, then also they can go for reseller hosting.


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Who Provides Services in Reseller Hosting The basic services that are required in reseller hosting services are actually provided by the web hosting company. The reseller is the service that buys the hosting plan from the company and then send it to the customers individually. It is the company that manages the network infrastructure and also all the hardwares. This is the most expensive types of hosting service. All types of customers complaints are actually handled by the web hosting company not by the reseller. The technical knowledge is not required in Best Reseller Hosting for the customers.The basic purpose of reseller hosting is just to interact with the customers but they cannot do anything after that.They can setup and manage the different customers also. Classification of Reseller Hosting There are many types of reseller hosting which makes the users more easier to choose their services. The one category of Best Reseller Hosting is where the reseller act as an agent of the company. The second category is where the reseller is the marketer of the company which means he will only be responsible for every problem included in reseller hosting. The reseller works by purchasing their own large bandwidth and disk space from the web hosting company.However once the hosting plan has been

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sold the customers will have to contact to the web hosting company and not the resller. Because the web hosting company will only be responsible for it.

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