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1. Addiction Centers - Best Place to Beat Addiction. 2. Addiction Rehabilitation Centers in Canada. 3. Great Tips to Follow during Alcohol Detoxification. 4. What To Look For When Searching For An Addiction Clinic In Toronto. 5. Addiction Rehab Process. 6. Private Addiction Treatment. 7. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Addiction Treatment.


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SYNOPSIS I. Addiction Centers - Best Place to Beat Addiction II. Addiction Rehabilitation Centers in Canada III. Great Tips to Follow during Alcohol Detoxification IV. What To Look For When Searching For An Addiction Clinic In Toronto V. Addiction Rehab Process VI. Private Addiction Treatment VII. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Addiction Treatment

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ADDICTION CENTERS - BEST PLACE TO BEAT ADDICTION  One-on-one counseling  A client focused approach is employed. This means that a therapist sits with a single individual learns his/her weaknesses and they work out a recovery plan together.  Group counseling  This is where more than one client is attended to at the same time. Clients can be grouped in terms of their challenges or stage of treatment.  Mentor talks  This involves discussions with people who have either been addicts or lived with addicts. They offer practical advice and suggestions on how to beat the habit.  Family counselling sessions  An addiction center may also involve the addict’s family and find ways to work together to support the individual. The family is encouraged to look out for emotional stress and other signs of relapse with this knowledge they are able to remind their loved ones of the benefits of staying clean.

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ADDICTION REHABILITATION CENTERS IN CANADA  Can Drug Addiction be treated and cured  Like any other chronic disease drug addiction can be treated and cured but only if the person afflicted wants to be treated and cured. A person who has an addiction must realize that because the addiction did not happen in a day it is going to take some time for the treatment to start working. When seeking treatment for an addiction the person needs to take the following steps:  Have the desire to stop using the drug and then to make an honest effort to stop using it.  Remain drug-free eliminate people and other stimuli that you relate to the drug from your life  Become a productive member of your family society and your work focus on something—anything that keeps your mind from craving the drug.

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ADDICTION REHABILITATION CENTERS IN CANADA  Effective treatments for addiction  In order for drug addiction treatment to be effective the following must be present:  The addicted person needs to have an empathetic counsellor or someone they can trust available to talk to  Medication and medical equipment needs to be available to help fight the effects of withdrawal  Any mental health issues such as depression and anxiety must be evaluated and treated as well as the addiction mental health issues can be the underlying cause for an addiction  A plan needs to be in place for following up with the addicted person in order to prevent their relapse

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GREAT TIPS TO FOLLOW DURING ALCOHOL DETOXIFICATION  Planned withdrawal from alcohol  This method is pocket friendly and can be done at home. Cutting down on alcohol consumption requires dedication as it is not easy to just stop drinking. You can start by cutting down by one then followed by a few more until you are able to drop the habit altogether.  Alcohol withdrawal can be followed by symptoms such as anxiety irritability fatigue and even seizures. Try to monitor your symptoms and seek immediate medical help when you sense extreme symptoms.  Medical detox  Medical detox is usually administered at a medical facility as some are highly addictive. Not only do they suppress the urge for alcohol but also help reduce the withdrawal symptoms that follow thereafter. They also help one to sleep. They include Thiamine also known as vitamin B and Anxiolytic.

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WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN SEARCHING FOR AN ADDICTION CLINIC IN TORONTO  Professional Staff  A good clinic must have professional practitioners from doctors and counselling staff to trusted volunteers. The volunteers can be former drug addicts with real life experiences. Trusted professionals are a key element in any addiction clinic as they build trust and are knowledgeable in their fields. They understand addiction problems well and they can deal with situations like anger and other hostile situations that may arise from patient outbursts.  Hospitable Clinics  No one wants to visit an addiction clinic that will treat them like addicts. A good clinic will warmly welcome you and assure you of their commitment to helping you recover. They will provide you with a clean place to stay as well as the motivation to achieve your recovery goals.  Gender Specific  It is also important that a clinic has a specialized treatment program for both males and females. Each group needs different care as their needs are different. This way a client can understand how their beliefs knowledge and experiences contributed to their addiction moreover they will understand how a particular substance affects them and how to beat the addiction.

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WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN SEARCHING FOR AN ADDICTION CLINIC IN TORONTO  After Care Treatment  A clinic should also be able to offer comprehensive outpatient aftercare to follow up on a recovering addict’s progress. By doing so they minimize the chances of relapse and ensure full recovery. The aftercare assessment and monitoring should be able to go on for as long as it takes a client to achieve full recovery.  Affordable  Finding a clinic that offers friendly payment options is also important. A good clinic should have different payment packages so that you can pay what and when you can afford as you continue your recovery program.  Flexible Schedule  You want to be able to attend treatment while continuing your day to day activities like earning money or attend classes. An addiction clinic should be able to work out a program that allows you to continue treatment either alone or in group sessions.

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ADDICTION REHAB PROCESS  Intake  This is where you gather all information you need and find out more about the rehab process. You get to ask the Centre all sorts of questions based on your status and the Centre does the same in return. There are some diagnostic tests that help everyone to better understand your needs. More personal details like one’s financial state family health background and personal history will also be needed. You should also be aware of the different types of rehab facilities so that you know which is best for you. Some clinics render outpatient services only while others include inpatient services or a combination of both. Whatever program you choose has the same intake process and it will be completed by a professional counsellor.  Detox  This stage is basically a cleansing program that is tailored to ensure that the body is rid of all the available traces of substances like drugs or alcohol. This detox process will be determined by i body metabolism the type of drug previously used the amount of time the patient has had the addiction and any previous addictions. It is highly advised that the detox process is completed in a professional medical setting because sometimes the body’s response can be extremely severe.

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ADDICTION REHAB PROCESS  Rehab  This stage is where the patients are able to come to a point of realization they acquire skills that help them go about their new life and prevent them from relapse. The patients also gain insight into what led to their addictions and how to deal with them accordingly. They are exposed to several therapy sessions including individual therapy where the patients spend time focusing on themselves and learning how to refrain from substance abuse. There is also group therapy which is helpful because patients are able to interact with others who have been through the same experience and gain much needed support and advice. Family therapy is another type of therapy session this enhances an individual’s chances of recovery because the family is able to understand how to best support their loved one.  Recovery  This is one of the most challenging stages of rehabilitation. It never truly ends because it can be a lifetime process for some. Once one leaves rehab the temptation to return to their same habits might increase. Because of this some patients relapse. However some Rehabilitation Centers offer follow up programs and after treatment counselling to prevent and address this situation. The patients can also engage in activities that help them maintain their new drug-free lifestyle.

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PRIVATE ADDICTION TREATMENT  The first step is the most important one it is the realization that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs and admitting to yourself that you are ready to make a positive change in your life.  Decide which treatment program is right for you whether it be an inpatient outpatient or twelve-step program.  Reach out to your friends and family that are sober for their support. Creating a network of sober friends and family member is going to be useful when you start your treatment.  It is necessary that you learn how to control your triggers and cravings you should also participate in an aftercare program to ensure you can maintain your sobriety.  Start to build a new life for yourself this means choosing new hobbies and setting new life goals.  If you do have a relapse do not get discouraged in your recovery just make a plan to get back on track right away.

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PRIVATE ADDICTION TREATMENT  Advantages  The Level of Amenities  These private centers tend to offer top notch amenities such as luxurious pools and spa treatments. All this is done to make the patient more comfortable and help avoid any chances of distraction.  Favourable Location  It is evident that these private centers are located in the ideal locales for these programs. They are mostly in areas with beautiful scenery which keeps the patients away from any form of toxic environments. For example in the USA most private centers are found in Malibu New York and other prime locations.  Disadvantages  Cost  Judging from the location to the social amenities and the luxurious life it is indeed evident that these centers cost a pretty penny. This becomes a challenge because some people cannot afford to pay for the treatment in this private centers making it inaccessible for them. This hence makes treatment inaccessible for them. Some private centers do not provide insurance billing or even accept insurance payments.

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PRIVATE ADDICTION TREATMENT  The Location  Because these centers are located in unique and beautiful places some people who would love to seek out treatment there are unable to do so. There are even others who not only cannot pay for the treatment and accommodation there but also cannot afford to travel to the clinic. This becomes a major drawback to these centers.  Uninsured people  This is one major downside if people going through the private treatment because they have to pay the fees themselves. This is difficult because the high costs of these private facilities can be daunting and leave patients in debt.  Dealing with peers  Some clients find it difficult to open up to people they do not know especially because they are all from different backgrounds.

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