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Marketing Matters: Harnessing Values-based Marketing to Advance a Sustainable Preservation Agenda: 

ﴀ ﴀ ﴀ Marketing Matters: Harnessing Values-based Marketing to Advance a Sustainable Preservation Agenda Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Creative Director/President Metropolitan Group National Preservation Conference St. Paul, Minnesota October 2, 2007


Agenda Introduction Marketplace snapshot/assessment 10 core principles for marketing that matters

Marketing That Matters for Historic Preservation: 

Marketing That Matters for Historic Preservation

Marketplace snapshot and assessment: 

Marketplace snapshot and assessment Communication clutter What are the top issues that concern Americans/the people in your community? How do people perceive preservation? What is our movement’s/organizations’ marketing capacity/resources

Marketplace snapshot and assessment: 

Marketplace snapshot and assessment What are your top policy, funding and marketing challenges?

Ten core principles for marketing that matters: 

Ten core principles for marketing that matters

Don’t Fear Marketing: 

Don’t Fear Marketing Make sure marketing is “at the table” from the beginning Distinguish between strategy and tactics Develop and use marketing plans Use Marketing as a Core Organizational Strategy 1


Example Lewis & Clark bicentennial

Know Yourself: 

Know Yourself Clarify your mission and live it Build a strong brand and live it Build Upon Your Mission 2


Example Preservation and Katrina

What’s Your Definition of Success? : 

What’s Your Definition of Success? Clarify and codify your goals Identify your return on investment and advancement of mission expectations Reward and publicize the results you value Define Your Goals 3


Example Chicago Bungalows

Know Your Audience: 

Know Your Audience Create an organizing principle for understanding your audience Engage with your audience in creating your programs and services Understand how your customer feels about the experience Tap into your listening posts and foster “word-of-mouth/mouse” Be Aggressively Audience Centered 4


Example The Armory Theatre

Question Conventional Wisdom : 

Question Conventional Wisdom Evaluate your assumptions about your market Reposition your product so it reaches a larger market Develop your marketing materials so they speak to untapped markets Hire staff, engage volunteer leaders and create strategic partnerships that reflect your commitment to serving a larger marketplace Don’t Limit Your Audience 5


Example York and Lewis & Clark

What’s Driving the Customer Decision?: 

What’s Driving the Customer Decision? Don’t lose sight of your customer’s core decision-making drivers Reach out to the core values of your “bull’s-eye” customer As you grow, recognize that your message needs to resonate with a wider audience Communicate Value and Values 6


Example Historic Hotels identity refreshment and great lodging

Emotion Trumps Data: 

Emotion Trumps Data Develop your brand story Develop avenues to connect with your audiences in emotionally authentic ways Package your programs and products in a way that creates an emotional response Use your historical roots to create an emotional connection Connect With the Heart First, Mind Second 7


Example Central Library original story and a new chapter

Building a Community: 

Building a Community Empower your employees and volunteers as messengers Empower your members, donors and audience members as messengers Empower your strategic partners as messengers Empower People as Messengers 8


Example Tour guides of World Heritage Sites Volunteers as story tellers

Walk the Talk: 

Walk the Talk Do the right thing Live the brand inside your organization Expose yourself Let participants have an authentic experience Make marketing choices that mesh with your values Be Authentic and Transparent 9


Example Celio Falls The Confluence Project telling the whole story

Using Your Platform to Change the World : 

Using Your Platform to Change the World Design your core product or service as a social change tool Empower your audience as change agents Take a stand Use cause-related marketing Put philanthropy at the center of your value/values proposition Harness the power of organizational purchasing Leverage Marketing for Social Impact 10


Example Historic immigration sites and contemporary policy debate


Questions/ Discussion Free tips and tools for preservation marketing and fundraising are available at: www.metgroup.com

Marketing That Matters: 

Marketing That Matters About the authors: Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, Creative Director/President of Metropolitan Group Chip Conley, CEO and founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality Published by Berrett-Koehler, October 2006 Part of the Social Venture Network (SVN) book series Goal of MTM: To offer a contemporary approach to strategic marketing that helps change the world Available at the Preservation Conference, your local independent book store and at powells.com, amazon.com


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Chicago 312.628.1447 Washington D.C. 202.380.3123 Portland, Oregon 503.223.3299 Metropolitan Group crafts strategic and creative services that empower social purpose organizations to build a just and sustainable world. www.metgroup.com Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Creative Director/President efishman@metgroup.com 503.223.3299

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