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Film - a creative industry for regional growth and development

The County of Skåne in the south of Sweden: 

The County of Skåne in the south of Sweden

Film and moving images in Skåne : 

More than 1200 people are employed within the area of film and moving images in Skåne Film and moving images in Skåne The region has more than 60 companies with more than 5 employees working with film and moving images

The Film Initiative in Skåne 2005-2010: 

The Film Initiative in Skåne 2005-2010 Why commit to a regional Film policy? To stimulate the regional trade & industry To stimulate the regional culture To stimulate the tourist industry in Skåne To enhance the regional attraction A vital film industry generates regional value!

An investment with high regional profit: 

An investment with high regional profit The production of Mankell’s Wallander: 13 full length feature films A budget of over 20 million Euro Regional investment = 1,35 million Euro A minimum of 5,45 million Euro had to be spent in Skåne 5,79 million Euro was spent in Skåne

Film production generates more visitors!: 

Film production generates more visitors!   In the 'Annals of Tourism Research', an American publication, researchers concluded that on average a location featured in a successful film could expect to see visitors increase by an average of 54% over the next 4 years.

Increasing numbers of visitors after a film release: 

Increasing numbers of visitors after a film release   an increase Film Production Attraction and region of visitors % Thelma and Louise Canyonlands, Utah, USA 22,6 Braveheart The National Wallace Monument, Scottland 52 Mrs Brown Osborne House, Isle of Wight, England 40 Steel Magnolia Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA 48 Rob Roy Drummond Castle Creiff, Tayside, Scotland 86 Close encounters of the.. Devils Tower Monument, Utah. USA 74 Sense and Sensibility Saltram House, Devon, England 39 Last of the Mohicans Chimney Rock Park, North Carolina, USA 25 JFK Sixth Floor Book Depository, Texas, USA 45 Saving Private Ryan Normandy, France 40 Harry Potter Alnwick Castle, England 50 Marsha Foster Island North Film Commission 2003


Aims for the Film Initiative in Skåne   Increase the number of yearly employees by 500 To extend the regional film fund from 1 million Euro to 2,36 million each year That 8-10 full-length feature films are produced each year in Skåne The film producers shall spend at least 10 million each year in Skåne. The total budget of the films shall extend 21 million Euro. Increase the tourism in Skåne


Ystad Ystad Filmstudio Feature Films Postproduction Tourist centers Malmö Film for Children and young people Documentaries Production Companies Postproduction Kristianstad Filmmuseum Filmpedagogik Script development Helsingborg Center for young, creative development Film production Collaboration and development in Skåne


Public Sector Film i Skåne Industry Education Municipalities Region Skåne Position Skåne Öresund Film Commission Companies for Production Technique Tourism Postproduction Universities Folk high schools High Schools Private Schools The Film Cluster of Skåne Regional Film development Film studio Film pedagogic The Film fond Öresund Film Commission Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Film Produced at the Ystad Film Studio since 2004: 

Film Produced at the Ystad Film Studio since 2004 Aug -04 The Blindwalker Director: Pernilla August sept-okt -04 Mother of Mine Director : Klaus Härö apr-maj -05 Frostbite Director : Anders Banke Solid Entertainment June - July 05 Small and Big Miracles Director : Jon Lindström Filmlance 2004-2006 Wallander 13 full length feature films Yellow Bird Film Production

Mankell’s Wallander: 

Mankell’s Wallander


Action in Skåne! The 13 movies of Wallander has been sold to : Finland Denmark Sweden Norway Germany Under negotiation: Croatia Greece Spain Three of the movies will showed at the cinema. The first one had 260.000 visitors in Sweden only. Over 128 million in audience contacts

Skåne is internationally exposed: 

Skåne is internationally exposed The value of the exposure of Skåne through the films of Wallander exceeds 61 million Euro. Tourism will increase by 1-3 % each year or between 4-9 % between 2006-2008 The calculated increase in commercial guest-night will be 200 000-500 000 The value of the increase in tourism will be between 30 – 75 million Euro from 2006-2008

”Mother of Mine” world distribution: 

”Mother of Mine” world distribution Cinema: Finland Spain Portugal Mexico Colombia Brasilia Norway Sweden TV: India China All of Latin America Festivals: Cairo Tallinn Toronto And Others Negotiated: USA Germany France

A minimum of 100 million audience contacts between 2005-2008: 

A minimum of 100 million audience contacts between 2005-2008

Skåne is exposed in 70 of the 105 minutes of the movie: 

Skåne is exposed in 70 of the 105 minutes of the movie 70 exposures of Skåne TV: 3 cents/contact DVD: 6 cents/contact Cinema: 6 cents/contact X 100 million in the audience

Valuable exposure of the region: 

Valuable exposure of the region The value of the regional exposure through the movie ”Mother of Mine” is 188 million Euro Tourism will increase by 2% each year or 6% between 2006-2008 The commercial guest-nights will increase with 350 000 The turnout of tourism in Skåne will increase by 50 – 85 million Euro Skåne will be introduced to people with no previous knowledge of the region


Made in Skåne

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