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Jonothon Butters smartFOCUS – Co-Founder Managing Director North America


smartFOCUS Overview HQ – Bristol, England; offices in Toronto, Canada 120 worldwide customers 30 business partners 40 staff Marketing Automation Technology Company Data integration Analysis and visualisation Reporting Statistical Modeling Campaign Management


Understanding the differences between the disciplines of marketing, data analysis & IT Why is it important? A success story


Technology Data People and process


Coverage - reach, recall, cut through Brand equity Marketing on averages Broadcast, one way Focus on product Permission - access, engagement, response Customer value Marketing on differences Narrowcast, two-way Focus on solutions Product Focused MASS PRECISION Consumer Focused


From Big Ideas to complex channel integration and customer management Cross-functional skill sets and expertise required to deliver Increased discipline - negative impact if we get it wrong From supporting specific brand events to rolling out customer contact strategies fusion risk knowledge base detail


Common Success Criteria: Customer intelligence at heart of vision Senior level commitment Start simple, layer in sophistication Focus on the application of the data


Journey to a different planet, Securing the investment Selling the vision Building the craft Landed & fell in love with analysis! Overcoming alien cultures & language barriers But soon realised there were differences . . . .


Colourful, exciting and full of pictures Bustling, noisy and busy Groups brainstorming on beanbags Juggling many projects Innovation = Risk Back to back meetings – no time to work! Ever changing, evolving


Gentle humm of PCs, otherwise quiet People at their workstation, little movement Plain walls, few pictures A controlled, scheduled environment One major project at a time Industrious individuals Devil is in the detail


Flamboyant, charismatic Conceptual, ambiguous Talk a lot, extrovert Flexible, multi-tasker Highly responsible Latest fashions Spur of moment


Planned, considered Quiet, unassuming Precise Purist to their skills Fewer, more intense tasks Factual, literal – no marketing spin Focussed


Creativity Communication skills, presentation Concise, meaning, interpretation Quick wins Profile, status Risk and reward £££££


Quality of materials – data Advanced technology Accuracy & Integrity Completeness Aspire to perfection Quiet life in work Fun outside work!


You must be wrong, my results were better than that! Why does it take so long? I haven’t got the tme to trawl through all of that! Aaargh! They’ve changed the brief yet again and want everything re-working . . . . by tomorrow I never got any feedback, I assume it was OK Grrrr! They’ve moved our meeting for the fifth time! Do they expect us to use telepathy? Goodness grief! They won’t budge until I’ve written everything down in triplicate


A marketers mind can be like a black hole! Analysts rapidly retreat to their space stations!


Involve analysts from the beginning Share your marketing vision with them Provide more contextual info Set a small number of clear objectives Articulate how you wish to use the findings Provide direct exposure to results users Anticipate and communicate changes Thank and include in celebrations


Question and challenge the brief Reflect back your understanding Set expectations from the outset Avoid over-simplifying the issue Provide interim findings Be open to changing your work plan Add your interpretation to the figures Summarise key points


BACKGROUND Major FMCG player Large consumer database Campaign planning long and arduous Need for enhanced customer view No time for data mining Administration overload Tying up database team Scheduling priorities compromised


Common platform for: Understanding data Visualising data Interpreting results Planning strategy Using and deploying knowledge


Time taken to define campaigns cut dramatically specialist skill sets better utilised learning from previous activity mobilised consumer response significantly increased improved marketing ROI enhanced team relationship investment in solution readily justified


Getting it right will lead to… Closer relationship between all parties Improved profile of the database Operational efficiency Improved marketing effectiveness More sales, more profit, longer, better customer relationships Rewarding for everyone involved


Good intentions are not enough An analysts sense of self is defined through their ability to achieve results A marketers sense of self is defined though their feelings and the quality of their relationships Analysts are motivated and empowered when they feel needed, marketers are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished Just as an analyst will be fulfilled through working out the intricate details of solving a problem, a marketer will be fulfilled though talking about the details of their problem When marketers and data analysts are able to respect and accept their differences then the customer has a chance to blossom

Come and see us at the DMA New Orleans 17th – 19th October 2004: 

Come and see us at the DMA New Orleans 17th – 19th October 2004

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