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1. Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Those Who Are Willing To Recover. 2. Best Ways of Cocaine Addiction Treatment. 3. What Are Heroin Addiction Treatments? 4. Marijuana Addiction Treatment Guide. 5. Meth Addiction Treatment – An Overview.


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Addiction Treatment - Cocaine | Heroin | Marijuana | Meth

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Synopsis I. Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Those Who Are Willing To Recover II. Best Ways of Cocaine Addiction Treatment III. What Are Heroin Addiction Treatments IV. Marijuana Addiction Treatment Guide V. Meth Addiction Treatment – An Overview

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Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Those Who Are Willing To Recover  1st Is Assessment  In this stage you will be medically evaluated to know the level and severity of drug addiction. This examination helps the rehabilitation center to know you better so that the plan and care is designed according to the needs. A complete family history is taken to know the background of the addiction which helps in finding the root cause. Furthermore mental and physical diagnosis is conducted to know the details.  2nd Is Medical Detox Process  After the tests are completed you will now be struggling in withdrawing from cocaine. This will be tougher than you would have thought and will take a long time depending upon your resistance capacity. Medical assistance in this detox process will be a great help as you will be experiencing extreme side effects and symptoms  3rd Is Help Through Medication  No such medication has been introduced to treat addiction. But the symptoms that you experience during withdrawal can be treated with medication

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Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Those Who Are Willing To Recover  4th Is Help Through Psychotherapy  Behavioural and psychotherapy have proven to be the best treatments to get rid of addictions. Sessions are arranged with the therapist to help in the treatment.  5th Is Care After The Treatment  After the cocaine addiction rehab you still have a chance to revert back to the addiction. To keep you away from going back to the addiction counselling from the support group would really help. This battle will be really exhausting but you have to be determinant.

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Best Ways of Cocaine Addiction Treatment  Mostly the doctor’s methods are based on a scientific study of the behavior of receptors that react to the presence of cocaine in the brain. These doctors use drugs that are initially given intravenously for 2 to 3 hours. The drugs that are used cause a modification of the cocaine receptors and also modify the work of serotonin histamine and endorphin receptors. After the intravenous treatment the patient may feel a state of depression and apathy - something that is not peculiar to cocaine addicts in the period of giving up the drug.  After the intravenous phase of treatment of cocaine dependence the patient receives a set of drugs that improve the mood of patients improve work capacity equalizes the restlessness and sleep regime etc.  Drugs that are taken by cocaine-dependent by the method of doctors gradually return the normal work of receptors that are responsible for the positive state of health working capacity treatment of depression apathy etc. Outpatient treatment of cocaine dependence lasts 3 months. The patient during this period leads a normal active lifestyle and comes to the clinic for psychological psychiatric support and obtaining medications.

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What Are Heroin Addiction Treatments  Although the treatment of heroin addiction without refusing to take medicine is impossible the doctors can still alleviate the withdrawal syndrome with the help of properly carried out detoxification under a comprehensive program. Since the plague of heroin has existed for years the doctors know how difficult it is to cure heroin addiction and for this purpose they usually recommend admitting the addict to a hospital where he or she can be examined in detail. It is almost impossible for doctors to rely on their patients to be able to stay away from heroin while they are home since there are withdrawal symptoms so bad that an individual may choose to do heroin again instead of taking the cost into consideration which has been spent on their treatment.  Once the process starts:  The body finally releases dangerous toxins after prolonged withdrawal from heroin  With the help of medicine the flow of drugs into the brain cells is blocked because of the internal organs and systems resulting in heroin withdrawal.  An addict develops a positive attitude towards life without a drug and experiences the real world happiness.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Guide  Stage 1: Detoxing  In the very first stage you withdraw the use of marijuana. This process is a detox process where you stop the usage and let the toxins remove most of the body. This withdrawal is extremely difficult and if have been an addict for a very long you may face great difficulty in this process. This process of withdrawal could be frustrating as it has its own symptoms on the addict such as anger anxiety headaches insomnia and loss of appetite dizziness and fatigue. If you have decided to withdraw the use of marijuana then get yourself ready with full motivation and dedications as it is not easy.  Stage 2: Behavioural or Psychotherapy Therapy  You may be a victim of psychiatric disorder which impels you to use the drug. The psychotherapy helps in investigating the psycho-emotional motives that compel the use of marijuana and originates solutions to solve the problem without using drugs.  Stage 3: Support from Close Group  Getting away from the addiction would not only be helpful in making your body go through a detox but you will also need the determination to pull this over. For this you will be needing counselling and support. Support group meetings extend great help in overcoming the marijuana addiction. Counselling from the family members and the friends you look up to does a lot of healing and prevents you from going back to the marijuana addiction.

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Meth Addiction Treatment – An Overview  Pharmacology  Due to the lack of availability of other pharmacological options most meth users’ treatment begins with detoxification. It is used to slowly remove the meth substance from the user’s body. The entire procedure is performed under the supervision of professional medical personnel to ensure that patients remain safe during the treatment procedure.  Therapies  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT in short is focused on learning new ways to cope with stress and depression which does not involve abusing the drugs like crystal meth or other harmful approaches.  Contingency management intervention  Contingency management intervention is based on a system that leverages reward or incentive as a motivational tool. This program provides incentives to the users recovering from meth addiction in exchange for the agreement of getting treatment and maintaining self-discipline. In some cases disciplinary actions like withholding some of the privileges may be introduced in the case of non- compliance to keep them on track.  The Matrix Model  Matrix Model is a 16-week program that involves behavioral treatment services such as individual or group counselling and family education drug testing and enforces the habits and activities which does not involve the consumption of harmful drugs and detrimental substances.

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