Various Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

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1. Are alcohol addiction programs effective? 2. Fighting a Battle: An Alcohol Addiction Treatment. 3. Addiction to Amphetamine: Amphetamine Abuse Treatment. 4. Methadone Addiction Treatment – An Overview. 5. The Importance of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment.


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Various Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

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Synopsis 1. Are alcohol addiction programs effective 2. Fighting a Battle: An Alcohol Addiction Treatment 3. Addiction to Amphetamine: Amphetamine Abuse Treatment 4. Methadone Addiction Treatment – An Overview 5. The Importance of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

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Are alcohol addiction programs effective O Early Detection O The path to recovery is easiest when the individual realizes that they might have a drinking problem. Your chances of success will be much higher and faster if you get your drinking problems treated right from the start. O Individualized Treatment Plan O The effectiveness of an alcohol addiction program comes from its treatment plans tailored according to each patient’s need and necessity. In order for the treatment to work each plan is made based on where the patient is standing. The cure for alcoholism calls for individualized treatment plans. O Bond Formed With The Counselor Or Therapist O There is no one better than therapists and counselors who can form a strong bond with their patients to understand what they are going through. These therapists and counselors know the importance and effectiveness of alcohol treatment by showing empathy instead of confrontation.

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Are alcohol addiction programs effective O Ongoing care O Normally most individuals who get treatment for alcohol addiction happen to have a relapse at least once. It is essential for the patient to have a follow-up with their specialists so they can judge their progress. O Support Groups O Involvement in support groups at rehabilitation centers can make a big difference in helping the patient realize that they are not alone in dealing with alcohol addictions. Listening to other’s stories and struggles helps not only one but all individuals present in the group. O Motivation To Get Well And Better O In the end it all comes down to how much motivated and determined the individual is to stay sober. The success of alcohol addiction programs relies on the individual’s aspiration and desire to get well and stay sober.

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Fighting a Battle: An Alcohol Addiction Treatment O Medications O Depending on the level of addiction your physician might start with medications. These medications will help you eliminate or decrease your drinking habits. It also helps prevent relapse. Food and Drug Administration FDA approve any medication prescribed by your physician or healthcare professional for alcohol prevention. O Counselling O Behavioural Therapy: This therapy helps in identifying feelings of an individual that leads to drinking or relapse. The aim of the therapy is to change the basic thought process to develop skills that will help cope up with everyday situations that may trigger drinking problem.

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Fighting a Battle: An Alcohol Addiction Treatment O Family and Marital Counselling: This therapy involves spouse and other family members. According to a study family support plays a vital role in fighting against alcohol addiction. O Motivational Therapy: This therapy motivates to change drinking behaviour. The focus is mainly on the advantages of the treatment. With this therapy the counsellor helps to build self-confidence in an individual that will support them in their treatment. O Rehabilitation Centres O A very commonly used practice for treating alcohol addiction. People whose addiction level is high are offered treatment at rehab centres. The process offers medicines counselling sessions and aftercare treatment. The rehab centres also help in adapting sober lifestyle and building self-confidence.

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Addiction to Amphetamine: Amphetamine Abuse Treatment O Medication for Amphetamine: O There is a misconception that medicines cannot help get rid of the addiction. It is like having another addiction to get rid of one which is not true. Medicines can help in resolving withdrawal and psychological symptoms. However Food and Drug Administration FDA has not yet approved any medicine to treat amphetamine addiction. Some healthcare professionals do prescribe over-the- counter drugs such as hydroxyzine Benzodiazepines Baclofen Antabuse and Norpramin. O Therapies or Counselling Sessions O We have often heard that communication is the solution to every problem. It applies in the treatment of amphetamine abuse. Therapies and counselling sessions are arranged by the healthcare professionals to understand the psychology of the addicts. Once the healthcare professionals get into the root of the mental and emotional cause it is easy for them to carry on the therapy treatment. O Rehabilitation Centers O Rehab centers are considered costly yet effective for many addicts. People who are at high level of addiction are recommended to join rehab centers. Medicines therapies and aftercare treatment is offered in rehab centers. There are two types of rehab patients: Inpatient and Outpatient.

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Methadone Addiction Treatment – An Overview O Detoxification O The initial step in the treatment of methadone addiction is detoxification by ceasing or gradually reducing the methadone dosage. This can be performed using two methods: traditional detox or rapid detox. O Counselling O The individual counselling mainly focuses on the emotional issues that are caused due to methadone addiction in a highly secure environment. It is really helpful for the mental health of the patient especially for a person who is dealing with depression or anxiety. O Behavioral and Cognitive-behavioral Therapy O A behavioral therapy as the name states is effective for replacing the unhealthy behaviors with healthier and improved behaviors. It provides a positive reinforcement which is highly beneficial for the long-term health of the patient. O It may also include cognitive-behavioral therapy which focuses more on the emotional aspects of patients helping them to develop healthy patterns. It may also identify and redesign the thought process which led to the addiction in the first place.

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The Importance of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment O Various drug addiction treatment programs offer training to the patient such as essential job skills which can be useful for the patient once he or she becomes clean. Once the patient recovers and leaves the drug addiction treatment facility he or she will have the expertise and be ready to enter handle their addiction as they enter the job market. The fact that they won’t be unemployed and left behind in their profession and career gives them the encouragement and boost they need to be and stay sober for. The society also benefits from such recovered patients and welcomes them with open arms. O The safe and sound environment that drug addiction treatment facilities offer to their recovering patients is exactly the kind of place the individuals need to help them get sober. They provide screenings for infectious diseases counselling and medical appointments for maintenance programs. O Support groups at rehabilitation centers are an impactful way of helping the patient recover from his or her drug addiction. Support groups are like a strong pillar of drug addiction treatments. It is a great way for individuals to come together and share their stories with each other. Instead of bottling up their thoughts feelings and emotions support groups are a great outlet to share what a person is going through. Support groups are found to be extremely effectual in helping an individual get on the right track to get clean and stay sober.

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