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Microsoft AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

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Question: 1 HOTSPOT You create a new IoT device named device1 on iothub1. Device1 has a primary key of Uihuih76hbHb. How should you complete the device connection string To answer select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: Explanation: Box 1: iothub1 The Azure IoT hub is named iothub1. Box 2: The format of the device connection string looks like: HostNameYourIoTHubName.azuredevices. netDeviceIdMyNodeDeviceSharedAccessKeyYourSharedAccessKey Box 1: device1 Device1 has a primary key of Uihuih76hbHb. Reference: Question: 2 What should you do to identify the cause of the connectivity issues A. Send cloud-to-device messages to the IoT devices. B. Use the heartbeat pattern to send messages from the IoT devices to iothub1. C. Monitor the connection status of the device twin by using an Azure function. D. Enable the collection of the Connections diagnostics logs and set up alerts for the connected devices count metric.

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Answer: D Explanation: Scenario: You discover connectivity issues between the IoT gateway devices and iothub1 which cause IoT devices to lose connectivity and messages. To log device connection events and errors turn on diagnostics for IoT Hub. We recommend turning on these logs as early as possible because if diagnostic logs arent enabled when device disconnects occur you wont have any information to troubleshoot the problem with. Step 1: 1. Sign in to the Azure portal. 2. Browse to your IoT hub. 3. Select Diagnostics settings. 4. Select Turn on diagnostics. 5. Enable Connections logs to be collected. 6. For easier analysis turn on Send to Log Analytics see pricing. Step 2: Set up alerts for device disconnect at scale To get alerts when devices disconnect configure alerts on the Connected devices preview metric. Reference: Question: 3 You plan to deploy Azure Time Series Insights. What should you create on iothub1 before you deploy Time Series Insights A. a new message route B. a new consumer group C. a new shared access policy D. an IP filter rule Answer: B Explanation: Create a dedicated consumer group in the IoT hub for the Time Series Insights environment to consume from. Each Time Series Insights event source must have its own dedicated consumer group that isnt shared with any other consumer. If multiple readers consume events from the same consumer group all readers are likely to exhibit failures. Reference: source- iothub Question: 4

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How should you complete the GROUP BY clause to meet the Streaming Analytics requirements A. GROUP BY HoppingWindowSecond 60 30 B. GROUP BY TumblingWindowSecond 30 C. GROUP BY SlidingWindowSecond 30 D. GROUP BY SessionWindowSecond 30 60 Answer: B Explanation: Scenario: You plan to use a 30-second period to calculate the average temperature reading of the sensors. Tumbling window functions are used to segment a data stream into distinct time segments and perform a function against them such as the example below. The key differentiators of a Tumbling window are that they repeat do not overlap and an event cannot belong to more than one tumbling window. InAnswers: A: Hopping window functions hop forward in time by a fixed period. It may be easy to think of them as Tumbling windows that can overlap so events can belong to more than one Hopping window result set. Reference: Question: 5 DRAG DROP You need to add Time Series Insights to the solution to meet the pilot requirements. Which three actions should you perform in sequence To answer move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Answer:

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Explanation: Step 1: Provision Time Series Insights Select Provision new IoT Hub to create a new IoT hub. Step 2: Route telemetry from IoT Hub to a custom event. Step 3: Add a data access policy to Time Series Insights for the dashboard web app Scenario: Requirements. Pilot Requirements During the pilot phase devices will be deployed to 10 offices. Each office will have up to 1000 devices. During this phase you will add Azure Time Series Insights in parallel to Stream Analytics to support real-time graphs and queries in a dashboard web app. The pilot deployment must minimize operating costs. Incorrect Answers: No need to use an endpoint. Reference: createenvironment

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