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South Florida Elevator Service Corp. 6956 NW 51st ST, Miami,FL 33166 (305) 456-5686 South Florida Elevator Service Corp. (SFES Corp) is a Miami elevator Company specializing on oµering aµordable options for your vertical Conveyances needs from the City of Miami. We service your elevators with a Preventive Monthly Maintenance Control Program (MMCP), which keeps your Equipment in working and dependable conditions, and you'll prevent Unexpected elevator major repair expenses, as well as the liability of accidents.


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Tips for A Painless Design Process For Miami Elevator Cab Interiors When you want to work with an elevator interior partner there are some basic rules to follow to get the most out of the project. It does not have to be necessarily complicated if you can engage the interior partner early to work on the Miami Elevator Cab Interiors. With their guidance and proper advice based on their in-depth knowledge about the job the codes and specifications that elevators need to comply with and much more will save a lot of time and vain efforts. They can give shape to your design dreams and requirements with less time wasted and less hassles. Suggest an Alternative There should be scopes for alternatives if it is found that a particular design of Miami Elevator Cab Interiors will possibly violate the building code. The interior partners have all the experience to identify such code violations quickly and suggest an alternative plan and design so that your vision and reality complies with the code requirements. Therefore it is imperative that you share you design intent during the early discussions itself. Considerations of all the allied aspects including your vision for the cab along with the hall ways and lobby will enable the partner to offer strategies that will suit the building and also meet your needs. It will also facilitate proper recommendations of technologies and materials to be used for the purpose. Talk About Mandatories You must let know your partner about the mandatories and all those things that you require and must have in Miami Elevator Cab Interiors. It should have proper fire ADA and weight requirements that are essential for any elevator cab interior. Apart from these you can add innovative features in consultation with the designer. Take care of the colors that you use whether or not that matches the logo if any proper selection of materials that can take on heavy use but still not have that worn out look and much more. You must also consider the cleaning and maintenance aspect so that the surfaces can be cleaned easily and most importantly it should coordinate with the lobby decor and must be professional ne and trendy design. Consider The Budget You must convey and talk about the budget that you have for the Miami Elevator Cab Interiors. This will help the designer to get the best solution faster that will suit your purpose and also comply with the code of the building. It is not always true that the best is necessarily expensive. Knowing the budget will open the door for value engineering to get the right feel and look at the right price. Ask For Help You can ask for help from the interior specialists to make your job easier. Meet the design experts to get instant recommendations and design ideas. You can also take help of the presentation board so that any additions and alterations necessary can be pointed out and implemented. Check out the samples of the materials that will be used for the project to get the feel firsthand and also have an idea what the finished interior will look like.

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When Is The Right Time To Call In Miami Elevator Company Knowing about the right time to call the Miami Elevator Company for repairs as it is very important. If you stay in a multi-storied building then you will know about the importance and usefulness of elevators. It is even more profound when you find that it is not working just the way as you wanted. In such times you tend to wonder whether or not it is the time to consider a replacement or repair of the system. Before calling a service professional you should consider some of the telltale signs about the performance and functionality of the system so as to make sure that by calling for elevator repair service you did not make any mistake. Check The Speed The prime objective of installing elevators is to move between floors faster and in a comfortable way. Therefore when you see that it is taking more than usual time to reach to the desired destinations you should call for a reliable Miami Elevator Company for an inspection or for necessary repair as well. They will be the right person to suggest whether you should go ahead with the repair service or replace the entire unit altogether. Slowing down of the elevator will cause a lot of problems especially if the building is a commercial one where there is usually large number of footfalls. The Leveling Problem Elevators are designed to perfection and if you see that it is stopping a little above or below the floor level or receive several complaints of people tumbling while getting out of theelevator you should see the leveling. It might be so that the brakes of the system have worn off. Such mismatch in leveling may even cause further damage to the elevator and also cause fatal accidents even. You should not delay in calling a professional for Elevator Repair in Miami to inspect the system.The primary reason for mid-leveling may be the heavy use or load on the lift and a thorough check-up of the system will tell about it all. Frequent Break Downs This is another telltale sign for calling an Elevator Repair technician in Miami. If you see that you have to call the repairman more than often then probably you should also consider replacing the entire unit with a new system. Common problems like the elevator refusing to start doors not closing or opening properly and floor malfunctions are clear indications for replacement of the elevator. In such situations calling for a repairman always will result in a downward spiral which will be of no importance. Plan Your Move Judging by the signs or the amount of complaints that you receive for the elevator you should plan your move and make necessary arrangements for a repair or replacement.It is always better to plan it well ahead of time so that you can minimize the discomfort faced by the tenants and residents. Replacing an elevator can take lot of time and therefore you should inform the tenants especially the older people and have alternate arrangement in place if you can.

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Things To Know About Miami Elevator Inspections There are few things that the property owners as well as the managers should know about Miami Elevator Inspections. It is essentially a manual process and there are rules set by the state for it as well. Specific departments are there to inspect and certify the condition safety and functionality of an elevator. The job of an elevator inspector isto inspect all the elevators in a building along with escalators and other lifts at least once in a year. They are also responsible for the inspection of moving walks and then issue proper certificate for operation. To obtain such a certificate for inspection which is compulsory you will have to pay the requisite fee as well. Report Is Not Sent It is not the job of the elevator inspector to send the report for Miami Elevator Inspections to the elevator contractor. Instead it is given to the building owner or to the property manager and it is their responsibility to send it to the elevator contractor to get the issues if any resolved. This report is very necessary so that your elevator is in the perfect working condition at all times. This report also helps you to know about the faults that may be in the elevator that requires immediate attention to prevent any mishaps. Therefore it is elementary that you get a copy of such report as soon as the inspection is completed and the report is ready. Checks That Are Done The primary objective of the Miami Elevator Inspections is to ensure that the elevator is in perfect running condition and is safe for the building occupants to use. There are some specific checks that are done by the elevator inspector. The penthouse door should be self- closing and locking as this will prevent form any unauthorized entry and cause danger. This check is outlined in the building code and such report is written by the elevator inspector. Apart from that they also check the lighting of the machine room which should be adequate and is not being used as a storage room. They also check the phone line of the elevator which is essential during energy situations. Elements Of The Report The elements that are included in the report of Miami Elevator Inspections are condition of the elevator pit light and elevator car top light dirty pit or elevator car top full of debris and water the 5 year or annual test are past due the door reversing devise is non-functional and much more. It may also include the condition of the emergency lights in the cab fire recall service door restrictor machine room lights and most importantly the condition of the cables that should be of specified tolerance. File the Report withthe State You must file the report with the state after all the violations are corrected by the service provider and getting it signed by the technician to signify that the violations is corrected. It depends on the severity of the violation whether or not the elevator inspector will come for re-inspection.

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Can Miami Elevator Modernization Affect Electrical And HVAC Systems With Miami Elevator Modernizationyou can now replace the hydraulic elevators with Machine-Room-Less or MRL elevators. Such invention has resulted in a dramatic change in the building’s hoist way and pit envelopes. If you consider such type of modern system you must be aware of the type of impact it will have on the building as well as on the hoist way pit depth overhead along with the width and depth. Even in the case of traction or cabled elevators you have different options that can affect the services and cost as well. The cost and effectiveness depends on the design choice. Designs to Choose You have several design options to choose from regarding the cabled elevators.Whether you will use a 12 pulse drive that is silicon controlled rectified or a 6 pulse SCR drive that has a filter along with it entirely depends on you. You can also use non-regenerative or regenerative variable frequency drives for Miami Elevator Modernization. All these drives will have a significant impact on the building’s power supply as well as the emergency power. As traction elevators usually creates regenerative power you must take care to monitor the harmonic distortion that may be the result of modernization. These regenerative variable frequency drives are gaining popularity albeit a bit more expensive. It requires careful coordination with the building’s electrical system. Code Issues Addressed There are certain code issues that must be addressed during Miami Elevator Modernization. Such issues include the emergency power and how the elevator will operate after modernization. This will also consider the air conditioning system of the machine room which may require improvement after modernization.Care must also be taken about the present electrical system of the building which should be adequate to support the new and better elevator drive system considering the regenerative property. In some case there may be some changes required to make in the pit the hoist way or even in the machine room as well. Most importantly the interconnection of the fire alarm system is also considered. The Acceptance Test This is the most crucial phase of the Miami Elevator Modernization project. This test will ensure that all codes and requirements have been met and complied with during the modernization and the system is ready to be installed. The balance of the elevator is also checked in such test which is essential for it to take the load of modernization. This is to ensure that future frequent break downs are prevented which may make situations worse. This sets the scene for proper maintenance programs for preparing for modernization. Getting Required Help There may be several elevator companies but the interest of all may not be the same as that of the owner of the building. They want to make a sale and some controllers have some proprietary aspects when it comes to maintenance. Therefore you may end up with a system that can be maintained only by the original installer making it difficult for the building owner to change service contractors for future annual maintenance and servicing of the elevator.

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