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This presentation describes the meaning and characteristics of a legend with examples.


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What is a Legend?:

What is a Legend? A legend is a story often believed to be true and in which the characters are usually considered historical by some. Examples include Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Pecos Bill.




faust According to the legend, Faust was a dissatisfied scholar. On account of his dissatisfaction, he makes a deal with the devil in exchange of his soul. The deal promises him a lot of knowledge and limitless pleasures of the world. However, he meets his tragic end, as the devil takes his soul after his death.


In fact, the legend of Faust presents an over-ambitious man, who surrenders his  moral  integrity for the achievement of worldly powers and success for a limited period of time. This kind of character teaches us the lessons of moral integrity and the value of ethical uprightness


2. King aRthUr According to the medieval histories, King Arthur was the British leader who was leading Britain army against the invaders in the 5 th  and 6 th  centuries. It is mainly the folklore, which led to the composition of legendary King Arthur’s story. Some literary inventions have been made in the story, but historical existence of King Arthur has always been questioned.

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