Boost Your Confidence for the First Swimming Race in 6 Easy Steps

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Boost Your Confidence for the First Swimming Race in 6 Easy Steps Have you submerged yourself totally into the practice sessions that start early in the morning and end late at night You don’t have time for social events and have pushed yourself past the limits. Such is the state of swimmers a few days prior to their first swimming race. This blog is dedicated to such single-minded swimmers who are busy prepping their swim kit swim apparel and themselves for their very first challenge. Following are top 6 preparation tips to get you ready and confident for the big day.

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Be Organised While talking of the word ‘ORGANIZED’ it doesn’t simply imply properly packing up all the gears but it also involves taking care of each and every relatable errand starting from meals for the entire day confirming tickets to the event sorting out your IDs boxing up snacks you’ll need throughout the day deciding which bag to carry drying clothes water bottles ear plugs dry towels team kit and all. Organize all these before the big day to stay focussed on your race. Warm-Up Time Again it’s not just about the time leading up to the race it about the entire practice session. Before the race begins it is important that you prepare your body well. Remember excessive training prior to your race might slow you down by straining all your energy. Hence give your body a good night’s sleep and healthy and consistent meals. If you’re following a strict diet do not rock the boat you might end up with a stomach distraction. Stretch well and take plenty of fluids to stay hydrated before you hit the water.

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Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts You know your mind better than anyone else so figure out what you want to do exactly the people you want around you and the conversations you want to have before your race. Place yourself in the best zone where you can be yourself and throw out all the unimportant thing from your safe zone. Just plug in your headphones and get ready to race.

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Find Your Place Athletic meets or aquatic meets are quite hectic so arrive early to get a good corner without any hassle. Try not to be late that will lead to unnecessary stress rushing around and burning down energy. Reach early block position wear your swim apparel on and know your event race times and heat numbers. Make sure you deal with the information on your own

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Identify the End Goal Check out the place and visualise how you want the race to plan out. Give your 100 effort. Race hard and maximize your input. Keep up to the practical goals from your training and go for it. Be in your safe zone and work through all the strategies in your head. Don’t be worried about the forthcoming just concentrate on the job in hand and race Give Yourself an Applause After the swimming session regardless of the result just take a moment and feel proud of yourself that was your first race. Be proud that you were able to complete it. Whether you loose or win this will surely open lots of new opportunities and enhance your confidence level. Take a feedback from your coach about the positives and negatives of your performance to do better ahead.

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These 6 steps will guide you to prepare for your first swimming race and remember not to miss the fun. Race hard and good luck Metro Swim Shop Street: 1221 Valley Road City: Stirling NJ 7980 Toll Free Number: 800-526-8788 Fax: 908-903-0546 Email: Website:

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