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A Shady Plot:

.... by Elsie Brown A Shady Plot

List Of Characters:

List Of Characters John Hallock - Narrator Jenkins – John’s Boss Gladolia – The maid Helen – She Ghost Lavinia Hallock – John’s wife Laura Hinkle – Lavinia’s friend


Overview John Hallock was a ghost fiction writer. Though his stories were not published in all magazines, there was at least Jenkins' magazine to publish his stories. For this, Hallock was in debt to his publisher and so it was hard to think of refusing another ghost story for Jenkins whenever he wanted one. Precisely! Hallock, Give us another on the supernatural this time. Something to give them the horrors!

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Having agreed to write another story for Jenkins, John Hallock sat at his table, waiting for a new plot. He waited and waited for such a long time but no idea for a plot dawned in his mind but mind wandered off to things like his wife’s habit of buying every new fad in the market. Then for the first time he was visited by a real ghost! How am I going to cure her of her alarming tendency to take up every new fad? This writing business is delightful, isn’t it? Yes… I should say it is!

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The she-ghost , Helen, descends and says that all the ghosts are going on leave and that they be not disturbed by people like him.. She explains that it is actually the ghosts who have been helping all the writers to get new plots to write on . They have formed the writers inspirational bureau which helps the new writers. They are now on strike. If he wants them to help him then he has to stop all his relatives from using Ouija Board.

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At noon, while he is still trying to work on a story, his wife Lavina brings a Ouija Board home and announces her party with the women from her Book Club. The writer, drowned in consternation by her declaration, tries to convince Lavina, his wife, to drop the idea. It… it isn’t… You Know I bought the loveliest thing this afternoon. You’d never guess in the world. It’s the duckiest, darlingest Ouija Board, and so cheap! I got it at a bargain sale.

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When he came back from work his wife made him a partner of Laura Hinkle, one of the women from the Book Club who is quiet fond of Mr. Hallock (the author), to work on one of the Ouija boards. Though he tried to resist, his wife paid no heed . John! John, dear, I know you will help us out. Poor Laura Hinkle is without a partner. Laura can’t work a Ouija by herself, and she’ll have a bad time unless you… Me! Me! I won’t……

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When the spirit descended, Laura asked it to tell something T R A I T O R Ouija, dear, won't you tell us something? Ouija, dear, won't you explain yourself more fully? A S K H I M Ask who, Ouija J O H N H A L L O C K Ouija, won‘t you tell us who is talking? H E L E N

Questionnaire Break:

Questionnaire Break Why was John reluctant to join Laura in the party ? Ans. He was reluctant to join the party as the ghost had asked him to stop his relatives and himself from using Ouija Board. Why was Helen calling John a traitor ? Ans. She was calling him a traitor as he had to stop people using Ouija Board but he himself was using it. How did John’s affliction worsen the situation ? Ans. The series of events made his wife suspicious of him.

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As soon as Lavinia came back from behind the books Mrs. Laura Hinkle coyly explained the series of events that had just happened. What is? Someone giving the name of Helen has just been calling for your husband here. Why, isn't that curious!

Questionnaire Break:

Questionnaire Break How did John’s affliction worsen the situation? Ans . The series of events made his wife suspicious of him . Why did Mrs. Laura Hinkle simpered? Ans. All the women were gossiping in nature and they without thinking of the consequences started making unnecessary talks out of it.

A little grammar:

A little grammar “Misto Hallock, de Missus sho t'inks you's lost! She say she done 'phone you dis mawnin' to be home early, but fo' de lawd's sake not to stop to argify now, but get ready fo' de company an' come on down .” Gladolia, the narrator’s cook, is an African . She has spoken these words. The language/her pronunciation is different from others. This is known as Dialect. A dialect consists of words and phrases that reflect the regional variety of a language.

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I am leaving! My lawyer will contact you!

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B ack in his room when john is in a mournful state and Helen re-appears and asks him of when his wife would get rid of the Ouija Board. However, Lavina entered to bid him bye. She felt the queerness about him and demanded like a boss what was he trying to conceal behind him and thrusted him aside only to see the ghost lady Helen. She was flabbergasted, and then she realized that she had speculated all wrongs that her husband was possibly flirting with Helen of troy over the Ouija Board. Finally the ghost departed and Lavina apologized to her husband . After that the narrator suddenly felt the desire to write as the ghosts had given up their strike and were now ready to help him.

Thank You Presented by:- Ayush Pahwa X – D 14 St. Xavier School:

Thank You Presented by:- Ayush Pahwa X – D 14 St. Xavier School

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