3 Situations Where You Should Not Take Glycerine Suppositories

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Glycerine suppositories nor diclofenac suppositories are not reasonable for pregnant ladies as the constituents go into bosom drain and debase it.


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Indias leading brand in Suppository nasomist and fensupp. Healthcare Products Saturday March 28 2020 Market is filled with different types of suppositories that are suitable for a range of purpose. These are specialized medicines which are useful for the patients who have trouble swallowing pills or when their body don’t respond well to injections. Old age folks often suffer with digestion related issues and blockage of rectal opening. Glycerine suppositories are recommended by the doctors because it is easy to use and effect is faster. Glycerine suppository effectively acts like a laxative. The suppository is used to treat occasional 3 Situations Where You Should Not Take Glycerine Suppositories Suppository Nasomist and Fensupp Meridian Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a progressive pharmaceutical company that stands for innovation. Meridian was established in 1992 with the objective of launching a range of innovative healthcare products. We were the first company in India to introduce a saline nasal decongestant product and are the pioneers of several other unique formulations providing better healthcare. We have been marketing suppository and pessary products in India and various countries worldwide since over 20 years. Contact us 91-22-66084200 91-22-22042745 View my complete profile About Me ▼ 2020 4 ▼ March 2 3 Situations Where You Should Not Take Glycerine S... Qualities of Good Sodium Chloride Nasal Sprays ► January 2 Blog Archive More Create Blog Sign In

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constipation or to cleanse the bowel before a rectal exam or other intestinal procedure. While it works better and shows faster effects it is not recommended to use one without an expert advice. There are a few of situations where you are not supposed to use these suppositories. Listed below are a few of these – Before consuming any form of suppository you should consider if the body is allergic to its components. The outer shell may not suit the skin or the internal components have certain reaction that doesn’t go well. Make sure that you reveal your allergies to the doctor before opting for one. Neither glycerine nor diclofenac suppositories are suitable for the pregnant women as the constituents pass into breast milk and contaminate it. Doctors would ask you to avoid certain suppositories in case of pregnancy. In case you are planning first child then the suppository should not be consumed unless the physician allows you to use it. A doctor would never recommend a suppository to anyone who has had a recent surgery especially close to the area where it is supposed to be applied. The constituents of the suppository may react with the healing wound and make it worse. In such cases better listen to the doctor and follow their suggestions. Posted by Suppository Nasomist and Fensupp at 12:30 PM Labels: Diclofenac suppositories Glycerin suppositories Location: India Allergic reaction Pregnancy Recent surgery Comment as: Google Accoun Publish Publish Preview Preview Enter your comment... No comments: Post a Comment ► 2019 4

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