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- adaptable solutions for B2B Malls - - the constructs of extensible graphic languages -: 

- adaptable solutions for B2B Malls - - the constructs of extensible graphic languages - Active Knowledge Models of Extended Enterprises Frank Lillehagen, Director R &D Computas AS, Lysaker, Norway www.computas.com


Vision Active Knowledge Models / Work Dynamically evolving enterprise models supporting planning and work performance Behaviour repertoire reflected by business and work performance Resource Views Organisation Tools Information

From information to behaviour: 

Technology enabled reactivating causes knowledge based behaviour! From information to behaviour The Knowledge Circle Instructions, Routines, Literature, Archives, Databases, Private notes, Manuals, Letters, Reports, Intranets, Billboards, Memos, Acts, Regulations.

Requirements to EE technology: 

Requirements to EE technology Difference between life-cycle and life-history Difference between process logic and work process Product structures - at least 20 kinds Organizational structures - 7 or more kinds System architectures - 4 architectures, other kinds Dynamic networked capabilities and resources Reflective methodology, infrastructure and use-cases From generic to situation specific model constructs

Customer Process Support: 

Customer Process Support Scope Gather Analyze Model Simulate Implement Deploy Operate Evaluate Re-engineer Todays situation ! Modeling using static templates Re-engineering partial templates Instance modeling without types, templates and meta-data? Develop and enact alternative solutions – conc. meta and instance modeling ? Offline template development - flat meta-data Dynamic adaptable models Offline solutions development and systems engineering and installations

AKM - Concepts & Principles: 

AKM - Concepts & Principles Three or more reflective views Replicated templates and meta-dara Holistic thinking implies: - reflective, recursive and repeating process activity Recursive and repeatingprocesses

EE Engineering and Operation ref. model: 

EE Engineering and Operation ref. model

Layers of process of knowledge : 

Layers of process of knowledge Model 4 flows with IDEF0 extended (6 O’s) Model & sim. alternativeflows (time, res.,cost etc.) Model WM Panel on webwith 3C’s extensions Model, gen. & use dynamic worktops

Work Process Editor: 

Work Process Editor

Process-centered integration: 

Process-centered integration Generator METIS XCHIPS FrameSolutions Common Types

Technical EE Product Architecture: 

Technical EE Product Architecture “Presentation slides” War-room Portals Dynamic Worktops B2B Malls The Holistic View of Methodology, Infrastructure and Use-case Meta-data hierarchies server Templates server Domain Language server Value-set server Kinds of GUIs and Repositories in a web-architecture

The need for enterprise knowledge languages: 

The need for enterprise knowledge languages Industrial sectors and dimensions: Determines domains, processes and process roles to be covered Depth, situated knowledge and granularity: Determines properties, kinds of rules and formality EE engineering and operations support: Determines need for embedded language development GUIs (knowledge worker environments) Span of applications: Determines need for extended syntax; layouts and dynamic compositions (syntax rules)

EE products for B2B Business: 

EE products for B2B Business EE consulting Services: management, EE engineering, systems architecture EE Methodology and Engineering: Training, projects, partners, B2B Malls EE Infrastructure and Tools: hardware, software and partial templates EE Models, Templates and Meta-data: solutions, components and repository access

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