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1 Types and Advantages of Front Opening OTF knives Menseffect.com


Engineering 10, SJSU 2 2 Front opening OTF knives are often referred to as Out The Front knives. It falls into the large category of automatic Knives that all come with some kind or another of firing-button on the handle, whether with a clearly defined predominant appearance or concealed Are you searching for high-quality front opening OTF knives? Men’s Personal Effect is the perfect online destination that provides you widest opportunity to select from extensive array of automatic knives at an affordable price.

Two type of OTF knives- What are they?:

Two type of OTF knives- What are they? Front opening OTF knives are also divided into single action OTF and double action OTF, let’s have some brief knowledge about both of them:- Single Action OTF- These automatic knives feature a release mechanism that only extends the blade. You can’t use the similar button to retract the blade. Instead you will have to do it yourself. Single OTF often feature much stronger springs that open more rapidly than double action OTF. Double action OTF- as their name suggests, these automatic knives have a mechanism that can both extend, as well as retract the blade. Usually, they feature a thumb stud that extends the blade when pushed forward, as well as pulls the blade back when pushed backward. 3


Advantages of using front opening OTF knife! Some automatic knives are designed or intended for tactical purposes; mainly other switchblades make excellent hunting and all-purpose knives that assist a lot of hand-handicapped persons. On the other hand, it can be easily said that all front opening OTF knives are weapons. The function of any OTF automatic knife is combat, fight; call it any name you want. The tactical advantage of an OTF knife resides in its ability to penetrate a mass by the sheer power of its deployment spring. It is especially true with the DA type that has an additional firing force due to its manual defender. 4

A caution to be followed before purchasing OTF from Men’s Personal Effect:- :

A caution to be followed before purchasing OTF from Men’s Personal Effect:- Before purchasing OTF knives it is your responsibility to be aware of the following points:- It is your responsibility to verify, as well as know the specific laws to the state you live in Some of the states limit the blade length of an Front opening OTF knife that you may carry with a license, while other require a permit with no exceptions An OTF knife requires a license to carry in most states. Some states allow the collection of OTF knives by enthusiasts while others do not 5


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