Journalism- The Art

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a brief introduction to journalism unit


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Journalism- The Art:

Journalism- The Art

What is journalism?:

What is journalism? Informing and educating the public about past, ongoing, and future events both public and private, domestic and foreign, through the analysis and interpretations of true facts In other words, journalism is the art of telling people what is going on in the world The news

Style of Journalism:

Style of Journalism News reporting True facts Usually answers the five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) Expository writing Informs the public

Journalism Can Be About…:

Journalism Can Be About… Local News- Right here, our community National News- the US International News- the world Sports Fashion Opinions/Reviews

Journalism Can Be About…:

Journalism Can Be About… Politics Business Science Weather Art/Entertainment

Some Genres within Journalism:

Some Genres within Journalism Broadcast journalism- TV Advocacy journalism- promotes certain viewpoints to influence people Photojournalism- telling the news through photos Investigative journalism- investigates one topic (usually crime) Yellow journalism- rumors

Forms of Journalism:

Forms of Journalism Print: Newspapers, Magazines, Journals Radio Television Internet

Printed News:

Printed News Newsday


Television News 12 Long Island: Local news report http://


Radio NPR (National Public Radio): Interview http://

Very-Mini Quiz:

Very-Mini Quiz Don’t panic: It’s only 5 questions. Green index card: T rue Red index card: False Let’s Begin…

Question 1::

Question 1: True or False : Journalism is the art of writing a journal or diary. FALSE Journalism is about telling the news.

Question 2::

Question 2: True or False : Journalism consists of many different genres, including broadcast journalism and yellow journalism. TRUE

Question 3::

Question 3: True of False : If a fiction short story appears in a newspaper, it is a news article. FALSE Fiction is fiction not matter where it appears. The news is about the truth.

Question 4::

Question 4: True or False : Journalism consists ONLY of printed news articles. FALSE Journalism can be in print, on television, on the radio, or on the internet.

Question 5::

Question 5: True or False : NPR stands for News & Politics Radio. FALSE NPR stands for National Public Radio.

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