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What is a Master Plan? : 

What is a Master Plan? Melissa Akau Achieve Online Washington Academy of Arts and Technology February 2009

Purpose of the master plan : 

Purpose of the master plan Outline the INDIVIDUAL course of study for each student Each master plan is unique to THAT student Each plan lays out the minimum required yearly course completion of 1 class each month Master Plan is NOT a static document can and will be modified as needed Student need or interest changes Student completes more courses than listed on current plan Additional courses become available

Parental responsibility : 

Parental responsibility Sign signature pages and return to your students EF, Melissa Akau Ask questions if you do not understand the plan Discuss plan with your student, determine if they are on track to complete the plan this school year

Let’s take a look : 

Let’s take a look Make sure your students name, address and Date of birth are accurate. The grade level represents the grade level based on CREDITS EARNED. It is not based on their age. This is the top of page one:

Page one continued : 

Page one continued The list of courses your student plans to complete this school year.

Page one continued Bottom of page : 

Page one continued Bottom of page Method of study All the possible ways your student will have access to learning at our school Specific Resources States that the school will provide the resources necessary to ensure the students can complete their course of study Method of evaluation All the possible ways the student may be academically evaluated in their courses. Reporting to teacher, student responsibility States that students must contact EF and the methods available to do so.

Page 2: Signature page : 

Page 2: Signature page Student signature Parent signature Supervising teacher signature: EF, Melissa Akau Ignore the “others”

Page 3 and 4: Acknowledgement of responsibilities : 

Page 3 and 4: Acknowledgement of responsibilities At Achieve online we believe that the education of students is NOT merely the responsibility of the teachers and staff. This responsibility is shared with students, parents and teachers. This document outlines the basic responsibilities of the students, parents and teachers Page 4 is the signature page for the responsibilities page

What next? : 

What next? Read your students Master Plan and check for errors in personal data If you find errors, please let me know via email and I will make the corrections Sign the 2 signature pages, parents and students If student is 18, only the student needs to sign Return to Mrs. AKAU Scan and email back Fax 1-270-918-6146 Snail mail as a last resort (email me for address) I will sign and send ALL the Master plans to the office where they will remain on file

Questions : 

Questions If you have any questions please let me know. I would greatly appreciate these being returned to me by the end of the week! ?

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