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“Strengthening Regions Objective 1 Competencies in the Cooperation Sector in the Cultural Area” Cohesion and Strengthening of the Relationship between Regions Objective 1 Administrative Systems and Mediterranean Countries


Context The new EU proximity policy confirms and consolidates the strategic importance of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership which was one of the topics included in the 1995 Barcelona declaration. From the point of view of EU enlargement, the archaeological sites represent a valuable heritage: the Greek and Roman theatres which are scattered along the Mediterranean coasts, will certainly grow in importance in terms of eco-sustainable cultural tourism and become a source of wealth for the host territories. The interest in this development line which is shared by all Mediterranean countries, is witnessed by a number of documents on cooperation: the Barcelona declaration (1995), the Segesta declaration (1995), the Chart of Mediterranean Tourism (Casablanca, 1995); the Siracusa Chart (2005).

The Project: 

The Project General Objectives: Strengthening the competencies of local and regional administrations in Regions Ob.1 on improvement and utilization of the ancient theatre heritage through cultural cooperation with the administrations of other Mediterranean countries.


Activities The project activities will be organized in four different areas: Analysis Training Technical Assistance Communications

Activity 1: Analysis: 

Activity 1: Analysis Objectives: Identification of the initiatives of international cooperation already embarked on in this sector Assessment of needs and the potential of the South Mediterranean countries on conservation, improvement and census of the ancient theatre heritage Analysis of the exemplary cases of improvement and utilization of the ancient theatre heritage

Activity 1: Analysis: 

Activity 1: Analysis Means: Assessment of ancient theatres Study of tourism potential of this heritage Recognition of the existing financial sources Experimental data-base

Activity 2: Training: 

Activity 2: Training Objectives: Strengthening competencies of the interested administrations on cooperation strategies aimed at improving the ancient theatre heritage

Activity 2: Training: 

Activity 2: Training Means: Seminars focused on in-depth analysis Training courses Self-training means Presentation of models and best practices

Activity 3: Technical Assistance: 

Activity 3: Technical Assistance Objectives: To assist the administrations interested in improving their cultural heritage by encouraging the establishment of partnerships with foreign counterparts Public/private interinstitutional involvement and the promotion of dialogue

Activity 3: Technical Assistance: 

Activity 3: Technical Assistance Means: Regional and interregional work tables Methods of interinstitutional partnership Assistance for the drafting of project proposals in order to participate in tender bids

Activity 4: Communications: 

Activity 4: Communications Objectives: Presentation of the project activities by drawing the attention of the administrations which were not initially involved Promotion of dialogue Dissemination of results

Activity 4: Communications: 

Activity 4: Communications Means: Dedicated communications means Multi-media material Final international conference


Partners Public Administration Department Formez (Centre of Training and Studies) IEREF (European Institute for Studies, Research and Training) IULM Foundation (University of Languages and Communications) IRAT-CNR (Institute of Research on Tertiary Activities) CERIS-CNR (Institute of Research on Business and Development) FEDERCULTURE Servizi

Parties Involved: 

Parties Involved Managers, top managers and civil servants from local and regional Ob. 1 Italian administration and the interested area FAS regions Central, regional and local administrations from Mediterranean Countries Network of Italian Cultural Institutes Foundations, universities, exhibition agencies, park agencies, theatres and museums

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