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Business News For Technology Buyers The newspaper for those who think-up, invest-in and manage technology


Introduction is India’s first online publication that provides business news for corporate decision makers who think-up, invest-in, and manage the information technology infrastructure of their organizations

Publishing Mission: 

Publishing Mission To provide manufacturers of hardware and software products, and developers of IT solutions, a platform to communicate and interact with key decision-makers, who determine the purchase of IT products and solutions for their organizations

Editorial Mission: 

Editorial Mission To deliver news—in time and accurately—and influence corporate India’s technology strategies and investments

Editorial Objectives: 

Editorial Objectives Guide corporate decision makers on new products and technologies that become available or obsolete Help protect infrastructure from threats like viruses, hacking and downtimes Help improve return on technology investments, by writing about new tools and applications that help re-design existing hardware and software technologies

Build Relationships: 

Build Relationships Build and foster valuable relationships in the the CXO community via online forums, chats and discussions

Key Differentiators: 

Key Differentiators stories are replete with views on the CXO community Provide Instant audience Interactivity’s Comments Box is a convenient feedback mechanism that enhances audience interaction

29,430 –Strong Audience: 

29,430 –Strong Audience is visited by the who’s who in the community. It has a registered database of 29,430 technology professionals spanning the entire industrial spectrum

Breakup by Job Profile: 

Breakup by Job Profile BASE: 29,430

Breakup by Industry: 

Breakup by Industry BASE: 29,430

Unique organizations by network nodes: 

Unique organizations by network nodes BASE: 29,430

Editorial Content: 

Editorial Content The main focus of is News. Each section has been developed by researching the information needs of CIOs, CTOs, GMs and CEOs

News Sections: 

News Sections Business Covers financial, human resource and business alliance news, mergers and acquisitions, government laws and regulations affecting IT companies. Also news about bagging contracts, installation of solutions and hiring of solution providers Hardware Covers new hardware product launches, from processors, PCs and servers, to network hardware, and telecommunications equipment

contd.. News Sections: 

Software Covers new software product launches, from OS to network monitoring software Technology Covers news about bubbling technologies currently under research or in beta, that have the potential of significantly altering infrastructure of enterprises—news of R&D, developments of and in MNC development centers in India contd.. News Sections

contd.. News Sections: 

contd.. News Sections Security Covers outcomes or implications of current and imminent security threats, covering issues such as viruses, hacking, privacy and OS exploits People Change in senior management staff and vision and philosophies of new management and business leaders, visiting technologists and managers

The Daily Newswire: 

The Daily Newswire The Daily Newswire is an electronic newsletter mailed to the 29,430 registered users daily. It contains links of top-most stories of the day.

Look & Feel : Home Page : 

Look & Feel : Home Page

Look & Feel : Newswire : 

Look & Feel : Newswire

About ITNation: 

About ITNation ITNation powers India’s premier Online “Infomediary” brands which foster & empower communities focused around technology. Its brands provide comprehensive product & market information to the nationwide community of Retail Consumers, Enterprise Buyers & Technology Vendors. Building on its proven track record in creating these close-knitted, ever-expanding communities, the company offers highly effective content, marketing & transaction services to Technology Users, Buyers & Vendors.

The New Age Media Company: 

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