Acoustic Foam- Use it to Attain the Best Sound Quality

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If you want to have little privacy but find no alternative to do so then your solution to restrict unwanted clamor resets in installing acoustic panels, for more information contact Melfoam Acoustics for their wonderful sound deadening solutions.


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Melfoam Acoustics:

A Short Presentation Melfoam Acoustics

Who We Are :

Who We Are We are a leading provider of acoustic panels and ceilings. We offer the best acoustic insulation services at affordable rates. These acoustic foam panels will capture all the sound reflections that are causing acoustic problems and will create a quieter and echo free room.

Why Us :

Why Us We offer the best acoustic insulation services at affordable rates. Our acoustic panels have the ability to capture every kind of sound reflections in the best way possible, this promising an echo free and quieter environment within the room.


Features We use acoustic ceiling panels to create acoustic ceilings that have the ability to absorb sound energy that is reflecting off hard surfaces in a room which is the cause of unwanted noise and echoes.   These acoustic panels can also be fitted to walls to achieve the same effect as acoustic ceiling panels.  Enhance critical listening environments such as home theatres and recording studios by controlling the acoustic environment whilst retaining a natural sense of space Able to ship acoustic products to customers within 24 hours

Contact Us :

Contact Us Melfoam Acoustics Australia Contact Geoffrey   Beilby Phone:  0418 546 019 URL:

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