Guide to Washing and Drying Men's Underwear

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Your underwear is an intimate clothing item that directly touches your skin. It’s the most worn garment maybe only you and your partner gets to see every day. That’s why you have to make sure you’re wearing the finest undies day in, day out.


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Your comprehensive guide to washing and drying men’s underwear Your underwear is an intimate clothing item that directly touches your skin. It’s the most worn garment maybe only you and your partner gets to see every day. That’s why you have to make sure you’re wearing the finest undies day in day out. If your undies are comfy then they’ll instill a sense of confidence within you. Such underwear will make you feel bold sexy and clean. Since we’ve referred to the word “clean” we’ll focus on that today. In this article we’re going to dive deep into the battle-tested hacks for washing and drying your underwear.

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Without further ado people let’s get cracking. Why it’s so important to wash your undies First of all let’s get to know the reason why it’s important to wear clean underwear every day. Sweaty underwear is not only uncomfortable but also unattractive. So it makes sense to wash them properly for avoiding any bacterial or fecal build-up. Because of that it’s important to wash your underwear after every use. Remember you may get an itching sensation in the groin which is likely caused by skin rubbing due to moisture collection or by a bacterial infection. Now that you know why it’s important to wear clean undies let’s get down to exploring some great washing and drying tips. Before you wash . . . Check your undies for any washing label. Most mens cotton comfort boxer briefs will come with such labels so check them before you machine-wash them. Few undies should be washed by hands only. In that case washing the underwear in a machine will end up compromising its fabric quality and stretch ability. Most fabrics such as bamboo cotton and many synthetics can be machine washed. Whereas if you’re wearing underwear tailored from wool lace or silk then they should be hand-washed. The bottom line: If your underwear looks less conventional you’re better off washing it by hands. Before you toss your underwear in a washer or before you wash it by hands turn the undies inside out. By doing that you’ll enhance the overall wash quality and remove stains to make sure that the underwear is squeaky clean. In case your underwear has a lot of stains pre-treat it before washing. Today there’s a wide variety of stain removers for dirty garments. Some experts suggest that a handful of hand soaps can even be used if you don’t have a special stain remover. By rubbing the fabric and the soap together you can dissolve the stain. One another way: Use white vinegar on your dirty garments a splash of white vinegar helps in removing stains and managing odor. When you wash . . . If you’re washing your underwear in a washing machine make sure you wash your colored and white undies separately. That way you’ll bring down the chances of fabric friction by separating your delicate clothing items from rough ones such as jeans. When washing underwear use detergents that don’t contain bleach chlorine and artificial fragrances. Also avoid using any type of fabric softeners.

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While washing your underwear in a machine you should use the gentle or delicate cycle. Most natural fibers such as modal and bamboo are admired for their soft textures. So when you wash these fabrics using a harsh cycle you’ll create lint pills on your undies—which means your underwear fabric has lost its strength. Now let’s discuss the ideal temperature for washing your intimate wear. Whenever you’re washing your undies don’t use hot water. Instead use tepid water to avoid loosening the elasticity of your underwear. For example if you’re wearing undies made from bamboo fabric use lukewarm water with a bleach-free detergent. When you dry . . . Whenever you’re drying your undies you have two solid options. First of all hang them to dry in the air inside a shade or set the dryer to the lowest possible setting. When you dry the undies in the air you’ll ensure that the color and quality of the fabric will last really long however this drying technique will make your undies stiffer to the touch. If you’re drying the underwear in the air then avoid hanging it in direct sunlight because that’ll degrade its elasticity and fade its color. Air-drying the underwear takes a tad longer than machine- drying it nonetheless air-drying is highly recommended if you’re not running late. If however you’re in a hurry then we’ll recommend you to fast-dry your underwear instantly by opting for the tumble dry option in your machine. That way you’ll make your undies softer while letting them dry faster. However faster drying shouldn’t be made a regular practice because that would eventually let the fabric shrink and lose its color. Summing it up For sustaining your underwear’s quality and improving its longevity it’s better to follow the washing and drying tips we shared here. And just in case you’re looking to shop men’s boxer briefs that’ll bring superior comfort choose MelangeFit. This underwear brand brings uber-comfy collections of boxer briefs for every occasion.

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