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History of the creation of Cabbage Patch Kids & present Babyland General Hospital


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Birthing facility and adoption center for Cabbage Patch Kids

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In 1976, Xavier Roberts , 21, rediscovered needle molding, a German technique for fabric sculpture from the early 1800’s. He put himself through school by working at Unicoi Craft Shop in Helen, Ga. Xavier Roberts, founder of Cappage Patch Kids, holds one of the dolls at Babyland General Hospital

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Roberts created his first soft sculpture doll, Dexter, while in school & working at the craft shop, where he pitched his new marketing concept of adoptable little people with birth certificates He won a first place ribbon for Dexter at 1978 Osceola Art show in Kissime FL Xavier Roberts first Little People doll is photographed clutching his birth certificate and award from Osceala Art Show in Kissime FL

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Upon returning to GA Roberts gathered five schoolmates and incorporated the Original Appalachian Artworks inc The six of them renovated the L.G. Neal Clinic, a medical facility in Cleveland GA & turned it into the first Babyland General Hospital. They worked solo until 1982 when they signed a longtern liscencing agreement allowing coleco toy manufacturer to produce replicas of the original little people. The first Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland Georgia

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When Coleco began production of the dolls the name changed from little people to Cabbage Patch kids. Hasbro took over in 1988, followed by mattel in 1989, Toys R Us in 2003, and then Play Along, who is the current distributer of the Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls from the original edition have an extremely high retail value. Helen Blue Edition is the first edition from the little people dolls and are the most expensive. A few of the little people are on display at Babyland General Hospital like the ones above. Two of the original little people dolls of the Helen blue edition are on display at Babyland General The new Cabbage Patch kids produced by Play Along are packaged and ready for adoption at Babyland General

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After 30 years on Underwood Street Babyland opened a new 70,000 square foot building in 2009

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The new Babyland is worth 2.5 million dollars and has acres of land, giving it plenty of room to grow.

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The main focus of Babyland General Hospital is the birthing tree

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Each cabbage patch doll is cultivated in his/her own cabbage stalk where it prepares to be birthed by the LPN (Licensed patch nurse

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A new birth is announced every hour over the loud speaker in Babyland to alert visitors to head to the birthing tree in order to witness the birth of another cabbage patch baby Patricia Hunt, liscened Patch Nurse at Babyland General Hospital, dilates the mother cabbage patch stalk in order to birth a new cabbage patch baby

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After a Cabbage Patch Kid has been born it is placed in the nursery where it eagerly awaits adoption Newly birthed Cabbage Patch babies await adoption in the Babyland nursery

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Although much of the fad has died down on the Cabbage Patch Dolls people still travel to the Appalachian mountains in order to experience Babyland General Hospital in all its wonder. Jessica Fisher, 21, and her nieces Katy and Katja Barnes have their pictures taken at Babyland General Hospital on Nov. 26 ,2010 A growing crowd of tourists and potential Cabbage Patch Kid parents swarm through Babyland General Hospital on Nov. 26 ,2010

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Several types of dolls and accessories can be bought at Babyland General, including the newer Cabbage patch kid with vinyl heads and soft bodies

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As well as replicas of the original Little People with full soft sculpture bodies

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And newer editions created by Play Along such as the Splash Baby

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Plush Minis

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Many celebrities have been to the Cabbage Patch Babyland including Julia Roberts, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, and Brooke Shields

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