Understanding In-Vitro Fertilization / Test Tube Baby

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Undergoing IVF treatment is a big decision for any couple. It is natural to have several questions in mind related to your infertility treatment. Here know what all is involved in an IVF procedure.


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Understanding In-Vitro Fertilization/ Test Tube Baby www.IVFGurus.com 1

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IVF Step-by-Step A single IVF cycle takes about 40-60 days depending on case to case. There are 4 basic steps in one complete IVF cycle Step 1: Egg Stimulation takes approx 15-25 days Step 2: Egg Retrieval a 1-day procedure Step 3: Fertilization and Embryo Culture about 4-5 days Step 4: Embryo Transfer 1 day procedure www.IVFGurus.com 2

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Step 1: Egg Stimulation To start with IVF cycle the fertility specialist will make sure your ovaries are producing eggs and your hormone levels are normal. For this most women may have to take fertility medicines or hormones to stimulate the ovaries to produce one or more eggs. Having several eggs available for IVF will increase the chances of pregnancy as not all the eggs develop or fertilize post retrieval. The egg stimulation period varies with patient to patient from 15 to 25 days. Some even have reported to take even longer. www.IVFGurus.com 3

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Step 2: Egg Retrieval Once adequate eggs are produced egg retrieval - a surgical procedure is performed under intravenous sedation. Ovarian follicles are retrieved by a hollow needle guided by ultrasound imaging or trans-vaginal ultrasonography . Follicular fluids are examined by the embryologist to trace all available eggs. Thereafter the eggs are preserved and cultured in an incubator until insemination. The egg retrieval surgery takes about 20-30 minutes and a day to completely recover from surgery and anesthesia. www.IVFGurus.com 4

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Step 3: Fertilization and Embryo Culture Next step is fertilization of retrieved eggs. This is done with a sperm sample collected from the male may be your partner or donor as the case may be for insemination. The sperms are combined with the eggs and stored in the lab for fertilization. In case of a lower probability of fertilization due to male infertility issues Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI may be considered. Through this method a single sperm is infused directly into the egg to enable fertilization. The embryologist monitors the egg to confirm fertilization and cell division. Thereafter the fertilized eggs are considered embryos. www.IVFGurus.com 5

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Step 4: Embryo Quality Check and Transfer Once the embryologist assesses the embryos he selects the healthiest one for the transfer. Normally the transfer of a single embryo usually at blastocyst-stage is done and the rest are preserved. Transferring one high-quality embryo eases the risk of multiples twin and triplets. During the transfer the doctor inserts the catheter and pushes the predetermined number of embryos into the female uterus. The process is conducted under ultrasound guidance. Once the embryo is transferred in the uterus 4-5 hours of bed rest is needed followed by a rest of about a week. www.IVFGurus.com 6

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Pregnancy Test After about 15 days of embryo transfer a blood pregnancy testis done to detect beta-HCG hormone to confirm or rule out pregnancy . IVF patients are not recommended to rely on the commonly done urine pregnancy test as it often fails to detect pregnancy through IVF . For detailed information visit: www .ivfgurus.com www.IVFGurus.com 7

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www.MedGurus.Org An initiative by Global Medi Advisors Pvt Ltd. www.gmalive.org Free Guidance on IVF Treatment If you or any loved one is looking for IVF or any kind of infertility treatment please do not hesitate to avail our free guidance for treatment in India. Hope you find the presentation helpful 8

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Disclaimer This presentation is only for informational purpose and should NOT be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice. www.IVFGurus.com 9 By Nishat Paiker and Annu Yadav

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