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Wooddale Middle School: 

Wooddale Middle School 3467 Castleman Memphis, TN 38118 Whatever It Takes, We Educate!

Guiding Principles: 

Guiding Principles Beliefs andamp; Values All students can and will achieve at their highest academic levels Instruction must be relevant, authentic, creative and engaging A qualified, motivated, committed staff is essential for a successful learning environment Students gain necessary skills when actively engaged in learning that is rich in content and involves problem solving skills that produce quality work A partnership between the school, parents, and community leads to promote successful student learning Setting challenging expectations leads to increased student performance Positive relationships and mutual respect between staff and students are essential in the promotion of students’ self-esteem Education is a lifelong learning process


Vision Enthusiastic Educators Equipping Every Eagle to Excel!


Mission Our mission is to prepare students to become productive members of society by creating a culture of the 4 C’s: Commitment to Excellence Concern for others Connectivity with the community Character Development

Philosophy Statement: 

Philosophy Statement At Wooddale Middle, we support the philosophy that all children are capable of higher levels of achievement, thus we subscribe to the MCS motto: Every Child. Every Day. College Bound.

Goals and/or Objectives: 

Goals and/or Objectives Decrease tardies by 25% Decrease office referrals for misconduct by 20% Decrease office referrals for dress code violations by 15% Increase Fight Free Celebrations for all grades by 20%

Wooddale Middle School Blue Ribbon Discipline Committee2006-2007: 

Wooddale Middle School Blue Ribbon Discipline Committee 2006-2007 Principal- Ms. Tamala Boyd Assistant Principals- Mr. Benjamin Hartsfield andamp; Mr. Eric Simmons Professional School Counselor- Ms. Olivia Gilbert General Education Teachers- Ms. Aubrey Guy andamp; MS. Rebecca Sellers MEA Representative- Ms. Barbara Scott Elected Teachers- Ms. DeAnna Tatum-Cross Special Education Teacher- Ms. Cheryl Worthy Behavior Specialist- Ms. Michelle Jones-Wright Parent- Mr. Robert Lee, PTSA President/Designee

Blue Ribbon Committee: 

Blue Ribbon Committee In order for this blue ribbon committee to function properly, the following will be incorporated: Each member will have class coverage during meeting times (if needed) A designated meeting place and time will be established and members will be assigned leadership roles and responsibilities. Assistant Principal, Mr. Eric Simmons, is responsible for accessing and distributing to the committee the data from the blue ribbon website

Meeting Schedule: 

Meeting Schedule

Eagle Expectations: 

Eagle Expectations Exhibit Responsibility Arriving to school on time Taking care of school books or items borrowed from the school (i.e., textbooks, library book, instruments, etc. Always be Positive Think success. Do your best. Soar above the rest! Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Give Respect Wooddale Middle School is home away from home, so we must keep our school clean. Treat all people the way they want to be treated (i.e., only use positive language) Lead by Example We are scholars at Wooddale, which means we must dress the part (i.e., shirts tucked in. Pants will be at waist level. Skirts and shorts at knee length) Engage in Learning Come to school everyday! Actively Participate in all classes Come to school prepared with paper, writing instruments, and other necessary supplies.

Behavior Matrix: 

Behavior Matrix See Appendix

How we teach the expectations and procedures: 

How we teach the expectations and procedures During the first weeks of school, teachers were encouraged to model and teach procedures in context. Teams also developed an ' Eagle Spirit' plan to promote Eagle Spirit. The plans were presented at our first faculty meeting.

School Procedures: 

School Procedures See APPENDIX from Teacher/Student Handbook

Classroom Procedures: 

Classroom Procedures See APPENDIX from Teacher/Student Handbook

School Wide Incentives: 

School Wide Incentives Denim Days Eagle Bucks School Dance School Shout Outs Free passes to athletic competition Public Recognition in the hallway Grade level tournaments Movie evening

Teacher Incentives: 

Teacher Incentives Brass Eagle Award (Enthusiastic Educator of the Month) Teacher selected WOW award (Student Selected) for Outstanding Teacher Team of the month (Administration Selected) Teacher attendance award (monitored by Administration

Resources for Incentives: 

Resources for Incentives Fundraisers Yard sales Fall Bash Dollars for Denim Day Adopters Local Businesses andamp; Churches Parent Organization

General Procedures for Dealing with Problem Behaviors: 

General Procedures for Dealing with Problem Behaviors Wooddale Middle School Behavior Plan delineates what violations are to be staff managed and which are to be office managed MCS code of Conduct is strictly adhered to in dispensing all student consequences See Wooddale Middle School Behavior Plan in the Appendix Section

Character Education: 

Character Education The school supports character education during class times in health andamp; p. e. Health-related issues are discussed (i.e., wearing a seat belt, eating a balanced diet, and exercising) during regular classes Healthy tips also given over the intercom system during morning announcements Classroom guidance (video presentation) are presented monthly on character building (Grade Level counselors)

Harassment and Bullying Prevention: 

Harassment and Bullying Prevention The training for sexual harassment and bullying is usually done at the beginning of the school year with the staff and in the months of October, November, andamp; December with the students. The training is presented by our school counselors, behavioral specialist, and our on-site school police officer.

School Safety Plan: 

School Safety Plan A school safety plan is given to the faculty andamp; staff at the beginning of the school year. This safety plan includes a map of the nearest exit and the names and room numbers of the teachers located in certain areas of the building. The evacuation plans/procedures are also found in the substitute folder, and the teacher and student handbook for the 2006-2007 school year.

Monitoring Process: 

Monitoring Process School-wide student behavior data is analyzed from each 20 day reporting period. The discipline committee will look for trends, problem locations, and frequency of discipline referrals or infractions to measure our progress towards meeting our school-wide goals. The results from this analysis will lead to strategic planning and procedural changes if needed. This process will be monitored by the assistant principal and the blue ribbon committee The findings will be presented to the faculty and staff monthly.

Action Steps: 

Action Steps The following data streams will be utilized to formulate our action plan which is currently still in the developmental phase: MCS Climate Survey Data, SMS Student Conduct Data, Effective Behavior Survey Data, and Blue Ribbon 20 Days Reports. The Blue Ribbon Committee met and discussed during the Blue Ribbon Summit the results from the 2005-2006 Effective Behavior Survey From this data we will identify and prioritize Behavior Support systems in each category: School –wide, Nonclassroom, Classroom, and Individual. Analysis of the EBS will give us the foundation to build our Action Plan. We are currently undertaking these steps at the present time.

Prevention Programs: 

Prevention Programs D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education is provided to educate students of the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gangs School Home Communication Guidance Counselor sponsored initiatives to promote appropriate behavior and student achievement

Intervention Plan: 

Intervention Plan Students who have been referred to the office on numerous times are given private and group counseling sessions with Guidance, Behavior Specialist, and if needed school psychologist and social worker. Students who are suspended for 5 days or more must have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). One aspect of this plan is the Functional Behavior Cards (FIBA). These cards are completed by teachers observing behaviors indicated on the cards. Plans are currently in place to ensure completion of these mandated documents as evidenced by the behavior specialist participation in team meetings and communication with grade level administrators.

In-School Suspension Plan: 

In-School Suspension Plan The In-School Suspension plan is a devised to provide needed consequences for infractions of the School Code of Conduct, egregious violations of Eagle Spirit Behavior Matrix, or repeated minor infractions. Administrators assign students to ISS after an office referral has been made, investigation conducted with a careful examination of all pertinent facts, and a provision for the student to relay his side of the situation and often times parental contact. The ISS paperwork is completed and the student is given his copy for parental disclosure. Students will have 24 hours between assignment of ISS and their actual serving of the In-School Suspension to allow teachers to forward all pertinent assignment s to the ISS teacher to ensure ISS is not cleared until a parent /administrator conference can be conducted to ensure that the causes for the ISS have been understood, solution discussed, and an plan to avoid future visits adopted. Upon completion of the ISS by the student, mandatory Parent conference, and clearance admit provided from Pupil Services a student will be allowed to return to his/her regular classes.

Secondary Intervention Evaluation: 

Secondary Intervention Evaluation A low recidivism rate is the means of evaluating the success of the Behavior Intervention plans (BIP) Behavior Specialist, Guidance Counselor, Grade level Administrators, and Principal are all actively involved in ensuring that students who have had problems in the past are receiving the needed support from the school, home and community at large to address their area of need. Behavior Specialist works as the child’s primary advocate in the school and communicates closely with the teachers and Grade level Teams to facilitate student success in following BIP. School-wide checks and balances in place to ensure proper support for students: after clearance of any suspension student is to receive guidance counseling and if over 5 days he or she must complete a Behavior Intervention Plan before returning to class.

Tertiary Interventions: 

Tertiary Interventions For those students experiencing serious problems, the Behavior Specialist and Guidance counselors under the supervision of the school administration will refer them to additional professional for help such as the school psychologist and social workers. Steam meetings will be conducted with all stakeholders to provide maximum coverage and expertise to meet the student’s needs. Currently, WMS has 6 students who are working on Behavior Intervention Plans after having served 5 day suspensions. These students are monitored daily by the school administration and behavior specialist. Increased parent and community intervention is also sought out and secured for these students as well.


Results A School Climate Survey given at the end of the first six weeks reveals the following teacher beliefs: 88% believed that student morale was average, above average or outstanding. 69% reported that student behavior is average, above average, or outstanding 81% found that the School Climate was average, above average or outstanding A whopping 96% believed that School Administrative support was average, above average or outstanding. Anecdotal records also reveal an excitement from students, parents, and community personnel alike to the palpable, positive changes that the 2006-2007 school year has brought. Office referrals are down from last year at this same time.


Celebration School-wide, Grade Level, And Individual celebrations Are undertaken to commemorate the attainment of Goals and milestones on the way to reaching our goals The following is a representative sample, but not all Inclusive look at planned celebrations: Dress down Days Dress for Success Days Blue Ribbon Ball Field Trips Incentives from Adopters Team Awards Fight Free Dances Student of the Week Award Grade Level of the Month Daily, Weekly, Monthly Shout-Outs recognition during Announcements Preferred seating during assemblies


Conclusion Wooddale Middle School is committed to providing an environment where all students are safe, engaged, learners who are daily striving for excellence in every arena of their lives; thus giving them the tools that will allow them to TRULY soar to heights unimagined. WHATEVER IT TAKES, WE EDUCATE!

Plan for Support & Monitoring: 

Plan for Support andamp; Monitoring The Blue Ribbon Committee will meet monthly and discuss school wide progress toward meeting of goals. The School community will be made aware of progress and their input sought to further move us toward the realization of these goals. School administration will play an active role in monitoring the entire blue ribbon committee process, providing feedback, inspiration, and the needed resources to accomplish planned initiatives and projects.

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