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WBC Technology Solution Inc.Deliver the Wire-Speed Secured Service: 

WBC Technology Solution Inc. Deliver the Wire-Speed Secured Service WBC Technology


Agenda – The Solution – The Trend – Marketing


WBC Technology The Solution

WBC Predictive Dialers: 

WBC Predictive Dialers New Features 1) With individual agent bandwidth monitor. 2) With WBC License Dialer and with support of IAX andamp; SIP trunk. 3) With Call Barging Facilities. 4) With Multiple Languages Supportive. French,Italian,Brazil...) 5) With 95% answering machine detection(human voice), so now pay for the calls you get connected and also increase efficiency per agent. Upcoming Features 1) Server Load Balancing, load-balancing application for Linux that will allow you to spread the load of your web traffic across many servers. Comparison Of Manual Dialing And Predictive Dialing

IP Phones: 

IP Phones IP Phone with Call transfer IP Phone with Call Transfer,DND,Conference. Video IP Phone

VOIP Gateways: 

VOIP Gateways Analog –Digital Converter 4 Line VOIP Gateway


WBC IP PBX Auto Attendant- internal and external auto attendant functions merged into one function without add-on any subsystem. Voice Mail- Voicemail can be retrieved and managed remotely via WEB or e-mail. Supports Multi-Location PBX through VoIP- Users can access extensions at different branch offices without dialing country codes or branch numbers. Enterprises can save a considerable amount of cost by coupling the system with IP phone.

WBC IP PBX Introduction: 

Virtual Office- for those working from home, IP phones offer direct voice communication with headquarters. Home phones can be enabled with the same functions as office phones, enabling more flexible resources Hop on/off Function- by connecting public switched telephone network (PSTN) and VoIP and transmitting via network to other VoIP locations, the sender is only charge for fees connecting from telecommunication network to VoIP location. Remote Maintenance Function- through the use of Internet, IP PBX executes live surveillance and maintenance, significantly reducing maintenance cost. Scalability- By stacking the IP PBX system, the IP PBX system cluster can support more than 2000 users. WBC IP PBX Introduction

In the Office: 

In the Office Support 200 users Support all SIP VoIP devices Auto attendant Met-me Conference Easy Deployment Fully replace the traditional PABX Compatible with the exist PABX

ITSP Service: 

ITSP Service  ITSP provide the hop on/off service to connect all the phone on earth  ITSP service is the virtual IP trunk for WBC SIP  Over 100 ITSP phone number can be registered on a single IP PBX system  more than 100 outside lines.

Secured VoIP: 

Secured VoIP




WBC Technology The Trend

Right-Sized Requirements , Right-Sized Dialer: 

Right-Sized Requirements , Right-Sized Dialer Integrated Basic Security andamp; Data Embedded, Advanced Voice, Video, Data andamp; Security Services Highest Density and Performance for Concurrent Services Enterprise SMB Soho Performance andamp; Service Density

Head of Office Network: 

Head of Office Network Internet Security /Firewall Storage/NAS WiFi Phone IP PBX /Call Manager SIR

Solution-Product Roadmap: 

Solution-Product Roadmap Predictive Dialer. Preview/Progressive Dialer. IP Phone andamp; Video IP Phone. Hard phone Dialer. Analog-Digital Line Converter. 100 User Multi-Service WBC IP-PBX 50 User Multi-Service WBC IP-PBX 30 User Multi-Service WBC IP-PBX 15 User Multi-Service WBC IP-PBX 1000 User Multi-Service WBC IP-PBX Secure Info Router with Multi-Homing, VPN, and Firewall Secure Info Router + WBC IP-PBX Secure Info Router + WBC IP-PBX + Content Search Engine

Solution Roadmap: 


WBC IP Broadband Video Phone: 

WBC IP Broadband Video Phone The WBC IP broadband videophone is an epoch-making videophone product, which is sip compatible and brings you good quality video communication It can work with all IP-based network such as LANs, WANs, and Internet. After accessing broadband connectivity networks, it performs excellent real-video quality up to 24 Fps. And more, It can be used to support variety of applications, such as videoconference, video learning, visual consultancy, personal identification and video surveillance etc. Users or small and large corporation will benefit form the increase in productivity, efficiency and savings…..

WBC IP Broadband Video Phone: 

Features:- SIP V2 Compliant MS-NetMeeting Compliant Support DHCP andamp; Static IP Direct Access video control keys: view/ privacy/ still/ camera. User friendly on screen display operation and phonebook dialing. Phonebook: 100 names andamp; IP save/ Last 10 dialed calls/ Last 10 received calls. 10 speed-dial numbers configurable and caller ID display. Hand free speaking mode supported. External AV input/output. Network Compatibility ADSL, cable, LAN, VPN… WBC IP Broadband Video Phone

WBC IP Phone: 

Features :- Conference call: 3-way call. 3 account Numbers- this phone can register 3 SIP Accounts at a same time. Inserts Dials- can hear insert dial sound if another call is coming. Speed Dial Call Waiting 140 Phone book number. Call Forward: All Forward/ Busy Forward/ No Answer Forward Block Setting: All/ By Time/ Duration. Support SIP Protocol. Upgrade program by FTP/TFTP/Http mode. Support G.711/ G.723.1/ G.726/ G729A/ G729B codec. 64 entries each for missed call, answered call and dialed call LCD Display dial data, caller name, caller number and so on. WBC IP Phone


WBC IP Phone

WBC (1 FXS Port GW): 

WBC (1 FXS Port GW) Features: ● Least Cost Routing ● Dynamic voice jitter buffer ● G.167/165 compliant 16ms acoustics echo cancellation ● Tone generation and Local DTMF re-generation according with ITU-T ● Support the Inband audio ● E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules ● 100 entries for speed dial ● Voice prompt local IP address ● Support adjustable user password and super password

WBC (1 FXS Port GW): 

WBC (1 FXS Port GW) Interface: ● 2 RJ45 Ports (LAN,WAN) ● 2 RJ11 Ports (PSTN,FXS) PortWAN LAN PORT WAN LAN

WBC (1 FXS Port GW): 

WBC (1 FXS Port GW) Standard and Protocol ● MGCP,SIP and H.323 Protocol Support ● RTP, RTCP, DHCP, PPPoE, DNS, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, HTTP support ● Major G.7XX ;GSM610 audio codec Support ● IEEE 802.3 /802.3 u 10 Base T / 100Base TX ● Major G.7XX; GSM610 audio codec ● VAD/CNG save bandwidth

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway: 

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway WBC 4 LVOIPG is a multi-purpose VoIP gateway product series designed with the needs of service providers and enterprises in mind. With WBC 4 LVOIPG, service providers can provide telephony and fax services to subscribers using many access methods such as FTTB, HFC, and ADSL. Enterprises can use the WBC 4 LVOIPG traditional PBX interface to implement voice VPN solutions with their private IP or public VPN networks. WBC 4 LVOIPG can also serve as a remote SIP terminal for IP-PBX solutions. WBC 4 LVOIPG includes 4 different models: 4 FXS ports, 4 FXO ports, 4FXS and 4FXO ports, and 8 FXS ports. WBC 4 LVOIPG product series embeds Motorola 50Mhz 32-bit central processor MPC852 and uses TI high performance C5509 DSP for voice processing. It delivers rich features, high voice quality, and high interoperability.

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway: 

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway Key Features MGCP or SIP access gateways SIP-PSTN analog gateway Routing (based on called number or other criteria) Radius based CDR for accounting STUN client for NAT transversal Fax tone detection and codec bypass (T.30) and fax relay (T.38) function Flexible interface for analog phones, fax, traditional PBX with analog trunks G.711, G.723.1, G.729A codec G.168 echo cancellation DTMF transportation: transparent mode, RFC 2833 mode, SIP/INFO mode

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway: 

WBC 4 LVOIPG- Voice Gateway Call Features Caller ID Message waiting indication Call waiting Call forwarding Caller ID on call waiting Call transfer (on busy, no answer, all) Special purpose calling codes Speed dial Redials


WBC Technology Marketing

The Business Model: 

WBC Technology The Business Model WBC

IP PBX Market Status: 

IP PBX Market Status the IP PBX segment is growing ferociously, with 50%-plus growth between 2003 and 2004 Worldwide IP PBX revenue totaled slightly more than $250 million in 2004, up to top $899 million by 2007, according to Infonetics Research. Pure IP PBXs account for 10% of PBX line shipments in 2004, and are projected to double to 20% by 2008

IP PBX Players: 

IP PBX Players

Network Security Market Status: 

Network Security Market Status Worldwide network Hardware Firewall/VPN Security Appliances revenue up 30% from 2003 to 2008, and is projected to grow to $3.3 billion in 2008, according to Infonetics. Network Security Appliances and Software tracks VPN and firewall appliances in six price-banded categories, hardware secure routers, SSL VPN gateways, VPN and firewall software, host- and network-based IDS/IPS products, and gateway anti-virus products.


WORLDBIZCONSULTANT. SALES OFFICE- 4TH FLOOR SHERON PLAZA,PARLE POINT SURAT-395007,GUJARAT-INDIA Alkesh R. Soneji (Sales Director-South) Email Id : Skype Id : alkesh17 Mobile. No : +919374217272 Office No : +91-0261-3993106 Gaurav Puniani (Sales Director-North) Email Id : Skype Id : sales_WBC Mobile. No : +919374019989 Office No : (0261)3993106

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