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Going To The Movies: 

Going To The Movies 英四A 張方維 88201139


Vocabulary Box office 電影票房 Film Critics 影評


Movie trailer 預告片 New release 即將上映的新片


Actor 男演員 Actress 女演員


Director 導演 Film maker 製片


Cast 卡司、演員陣容 Starring 主演 ex.Brad Pitt(布萊德‧彼特), John Travolta(約翰‧區佛塔), Whoopi Goldberg(琥碧‧戈柏), Julia Roberts(茱莉亞‧羅伯茲) Movie stills 劇照 Theme song 電影主題曲 ex.[men in black] andamp; [black suits comin’] in the movie MIB(星際戰警)

Varieties of Movie: 

Varieties of Movie Documentary 紀錄片 Animation 動畫片

Varieties of Movie: 

Varieties of Movie Action movie 動作片 Comedy 喜劇片

Varieties of Movie: 

Varieties of Movie Horror movie 恐怖片 Science movie 科幻片

Varieties of Movie: 

Varieties of Movie Romance 愛情片 Drama 劇情片

Dialogue : 

Dialogue Mary: Hey John, how about getting together for a movie tonight? John: Sure. What’s playing? Mary: Well, let me check the newspaper. We’ve got Star Wars(星際大戰), The Ghosts(靈異第六感), and America’s Sweethearts(美國甜心). John: The Ghosts sounds great. I love horror movies. Mary: No way. I don’t want to be scared. John: I’m not in the mood for science fiction, either. Mary: How come? John: I saw the trailer the other day. I don’t suggest that we see.. Mary: It seems we don’t see eye to eye with each other. John: All right. Let’s see America’s Sweethearts. I heard it is Julia Roberts’s best movie ever. Mary: Ok, let me check the show times first.

Important Sentences: 

Important Sentences When’s the movie’s opening day? (這部電影的首映日是哪一天?) I can’t wait until it comes out on video.(我等不及他發行錄影帶了) Harry Potter has been ruling the box office for weeks.(哈利波特已經雄踞票房冠軍好幾個禮拜了) What’s the best picture of the year?(今年度的最佳影片是哪一部?) He is a cinema buff.(他非常非常熱愛電影) Julia did her best acting in that movie.(這是茱莉亞表現最佳的一部片子)

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