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Recreating Services with New Technologies: Service Strategies for the Millennium: 

Recreating Services with New Technologies: Service Strategies for the Millennium Stephen Abram Sept. 2005

Objectives : 

Objectives Provide you with: Framework for re-viewing your services Process for re-creating your services Roadmap for starting you on your way Insights & learnings from other libraries Highlights on what’s out & what’s coming

Agenda: From Objectives to Action : 

Agenda: From Objectives to Action Establish a mindset Learn from others Initiate the process Introduce the framework Flag some technologies Draft your roadmap Obtain your feedback

Approach: the “I’s” have it!: 

Approach: the “I’s” have it! Inform Interact Initiate Inspire Irritate!

Mindset: You say recreate & I say recreate: 

Mindset: You say recreate & I say recreate Our mindset determines our approach Define recreate


Define re-create Recreation? “Refresh, entertain, agreeably occupy!” Wanna factor - trite and true Mindset: You say recreate & I say recreate

Technology: Put it in its place: 

Technology: Put it in its place

Opportunities: Computers...: 

Opportunities: Computers... “just about the lowest resolution information interface known to humankind, compared to the map, the photograph, printed text or the brain.” Jimmy Guterman, Wired Aug’94


Technology’s place Is as a capability, not a creator; an enabler Is to accelerate & enhance creation, production & delivery of services Is to offer us opportunities

Who’s doing what?: 

Who’s doing what? Providing easy access: to catalogues, indexes, special collections, eBooks & eJournals to Web sites, Web collections, links to maps, images and sound to licensed content: databases, e-collections to librarians for assistance & guidance to wireless devices to experts

Who’s doing what?: 

Who’s doing what? Training in computer literacy in Internet skills in information literacy Selecting, Directing to the best web sites “safe” kid, patient (consumer health) info, sites

Who’s doing what?: 

Who’s doing what? Business services customized research, answers & reports virtual reference and distance services information advice and analysis Intelligence watching, analyzing, extrapolating, recommending, interpreting

Who’s doing what?: 

Who’s doing what? Partnering to integrate public & university collections to support curriculum & have librarians teaching information segments of courses to leverage special collections between educators & cultural groups to ally libraries & businesses like clinical trials to develop intranets, knowledge management initiatives

Who’s doing what?: 

Who’s doing what? Enabling Knowledge Sharing in our Organizations Knowledge Management Content Management Communities of Practice e-Learning Expertise banks Collaboration software

What are others doing?: 

What are others doing?

What are others doing? Focusing on clients: 

What are others doing? Focusing on clients Trintas Hospital Library part of the biomedical response team, director has own biohazard suit! Consumer Health Info Services - public libraries, academic libraries, hospital libraries, partnerships Team members of R&D groups in pharmaceutical firms

Focusing on clients: 

Focusing on clients Keys to Success: strategic planning, vision, organizational alignment narrowing customer focus to strategic functions library team -- staff & manager ability to work with corporate IT group

What are others doing: Focusing on faculty & students: 

What are others doing: Focusing on faculty & students Small college (5500 students) Growing continuing & distance ed Linking library to college priorities & to curriculum Licensing content, hosting externally Teaching information course components Providing content for web-based courses Keeping faculty & mgmt current

What are others doing? Focusing on content: 

What are others doing? Focusing on content Responsible for organization’s intranet (MS, Amgen) Establish links to internal & external key sites Index & catalog authenticated, valued sites Taxonomies Teach content evaluation skills & web usage critical thinking skills License external content Create virtual library, electronic subs

What are others doing? Focusing on connections: 

What are others doing? Focusing on connections Many libraries have developed databases to help employees “find” each other Web is user interface with database back-end Create & manage employee profiles high usage, fast pay-off quickly identify & pull together experience, expertise Communities of Practice: Buckman Labs

What are others doing? Focusing on Point of Need: 

What are others doing? Focusing on Point of Need Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto All medical staff databases delivered to Palm Pilots at bedside Piloted Rolled out hospital-wide Intranet Professional Sept./Oct. 2002

What are others doing? Focusing on Consumer Health: 

What are others doing? Focusing on Consumer Health Welcome to Meridian's Health Library. We want to help you find the latest health information you need to make informed decisions about you and your family's health. At Meridian, we know the importance of having the latest health information at your fingertips, and we provide that information in one location so you can make those important health decisions. Kids, adults, Spanish

What are others doing? Focusing on Consumer Health: 

What are others doing? Focusing on Consumer Health The Mission of Crandall Public Library is to provide resources, services and programs necessary to meet the informational, educational, cultural and entertainment needs of the public to enhance individual and community life. Crandall Public Library intends to provide the community with free access to the world of ideas, information in varied formats and the creative experience in an open and nonjudgmental environment.

Case Studies: Learnings: 

Case Studies: Learnings Create & impart vision Responsive to organizational currents, changes Secure senior support Forge alliances with MIS/Technology Groups Negotiate terms with publishers & suppliers Deploy technology; with clients ready & willing to use

Case Studies: Learnings: 

Case Studies: Learnings Transfer “technical” & “selection” skills from traditional environment to new arena Focus on content, not format Desire & drive to do it Driven by clients’ needs self-serve options “buffet” customized options “private dining room” Directed towards clients’ benefits & TESTED


Look at others: Beyond Ourselves Entertainment, Toys Sports Book stores Computer stores Community services Technology Suppliers

Re-Creating for Resurgence: 

Re-Creating for Resurgence Re-View Purpose Re-Focus Direction Re-Define Clients’ Pain points Re-Vamp Service(s) Re-Fine Reap Rewards!


Us: Why do we exist? Where do we want to go? Our Clients, What do they want to achieve or relieve? Opportunities: Aids, Catalysts, Painkillers For clients. Our Capabilities: Skills, Resources, Tech? Pilots: Works with clients On pointers and pitfalls Service Design Process Feedback & Insights

Where do I start?: 

Where do I start? With a Re-View of: Your organization: its purpose, direction & priorities Your library: its purpose & direction (Standing in the Future) You: your paradigms

Library’s Purpose: 

Library’s Purpose “To bring together human beings and recorded knowledge in as fruitful a relationship as is humanly possible” Jesse Shera


Why do people use libraries? Knowledge To learn something Gain new insights, understandings Problem-solving Acquire information for decision-making Entertainment Books, videos, relaxation tools Community

What Business are We In?: 

What Business are We In? “Knowledge is power, not information. Information is power only if you can take action with it.” D. Burris, Technotrends

Your Core Business: 

Your Core Business What do you do for your organizations’ clients? What impact do you have on them? Joanne Marshall’s studies

Talking Technologies: 

Talking Technologies What’s out there? What’s emerging? What do you want to talk about?

5 Groups of Trends: 

5 Groups of Trends How will search and find look in the next 3-5 years? What will the web look like . . . ? What devices will be popular . . .? What are the Google/Library trends? What will our learning and work environments be . . . ?

Information Discovery: Search and Find: 

Information Discovery: Search and Find Intelligent Search Intelligent Display Multimedia Search Non-text Search Interfaces

Intelligent Search: 

Intelligent Search Intelligent Search Applied Semantics (Google) (search helpers) Non-text engines (photos, MP3, DVD)

Intelligent Display: 

Intelligent Display Clusty

Multimedia Search: 

Multimedia Search Picture search On steroids - lots o’muscle Google, AltaVista, Corbis ... Music Search Napster filters, Video Search – Spoken Word Searching ( Graphics SearchBots

Effective Non-text Search: 

Effective Non-text Search Non-text-based Interfaces inXight Vivisimo Correlate KnowledgeMap Manning & Napier - (Map of the market)

Simplify These Interfaces: 

Simplify These Interfaces

Simplify These Interfaces : 

Simplify These Interfaces

Visualization & Display: 

Visualization & Display Context Text independence Visible contextual taxonomies Learning Styles Belmont Abbey College

Let’s Talk About It!: 

Let’s Talk About It!

What’s next for the Web?: 

What’s next for the Web? Massive databases File sharing; Peer to Peer or P2P Advanced intelligent linking

Massive Databases: 

Massive Databases Toronto Star alone = 2 terabytes The visible vs. invisible web Leukemia in Canada PC Games . . . Joysticks, and gloves and eyeballs - Oh My!

File Sharing - P2P: 

File Sharing - P2P Sharing . . . P2P Open Directory Napster Gnutella, KaZaA, iPod music CD’s Digital movies (DVD) Files & Websites Digital Objects Morpheus, Grokster, MusicCity, Aimster, Docster??

Advanced Intelligent Linking : 

Advanced Intelligent Linking OpenURL Sirsi Resolver, openly Ingenta Ex Libris SilverLinker, OVID Infotrieve OCLC ProQuest, Serials Solutions

Let’s Talk About It!: 

Let’s Talk About It!

What are the Devices?: 

What are the Devices? Flat screens Wireless Convergence

Flat Screens : 

Flat Screens Flat Screens Freezers Refrigerators Microwaves Walls Countertops Desks Imagine what it will mean to libraries when screens are paper thin and wireless . . .

Wireless : 

Wireless Wireless Palm Pilot, Treo RIM Blackberry WorldPhones DoCoMo Yes - I did just say 50,000 per day! Cel/PCS Phones PCS with MP3, Radio, Browser, TV, VR . . .

RIM Blackberry: 

RIM Blackberry

Ericsson, Nokia, Kyocera, Symbian: 

Ericsson, Nokia, Kyocera, Symbian

Palm Pilots: 

Palm Pilots

And more. . .: 

And more. . . Nokia/MS Orange Videophone Freepad Nokia mobile WAP keyboard for music+ CybikoXtreme

Mix & Match or Converge: 

Mix & Match or Converge PCS / Cel phone GPS Streaming Video / DVD Web search SMS Beepers MP3 E-mail Camera PDA Pocket PC V-features VOIP IM Voice Recognition Wireless Wiringless Colour

The Thumb Generation : 

The Thumb Generation Handheld technologies have caused a physical change in under-25’s Thumbsters


Wireless ‘Being where they are not where they have to go’ Supporting nomadic computing Customers in motion University campuses Corp campuses + Streaming content to hand-held devices Medical application Mt. Sinai in TO Legal, regulatory Westlaw Weather, Music Travel OAG

Let’s Talk About It!: 

Let’s Talk About It!

Google/Library Trends : 

Google/Library Trends Library Journal, Feb.15, 2005 “The Google Challenge” by Stephen Abram

It’s a work space: 

It’s a work space MS Office 2003 Research Panes and Smart-tags U of Toronto adds Sirsi OPAC to MS Office Factiva, Gale, HighBeam content in MS – more than 120 vendor alliances! MSN Outlook integrates Blogs and RSS OCLC WorldCat & Google & Yahoo! Amazon and Google Search inside the Book Reuters, MS and Secure IM Link Resolvers and OpenURL Federated Search and all BROWSERLESS!


Add 200 database Suppliers (MS already has 120+ Make it OpenURL compliant Make it Browserless Add a toolbar that behaves in a research way Integrate e-commerce for articles, standards, etc. Predict their needs through mining of Gmail, surfing, and behaviours Personalize it and track your needs and Add alerts … Add for online discussions, communities of practice, group and Individual blogs and connections through social networking software Add tools – citation, RefWorks, ProCite, stat packages, AddAds And then make Google your operating system – like Windows…


WARNING Image contains hidden message Google Scholar…

Print : 

Print 250,000 Books . . . How does that compare to your library?


& OCLC Toolbar


Sooooo… where are we?



Is Google that 5 inch wave. . . ?: 

Is Google that 5 inch wave. . . ?


So what do we do…?

Reinvent the librarian: 

Reinvent the librarian

Reinvent the librarian: 

Reinvent the librarian Virtual Reference, IM

Know your market: 

Know your market

Know your market: 

Know your market Normative Data Project

Rethink the repository: 

Rethink the repository



Get on the wagon early: 

Get on the wagon early

Federated Identity Management: 

Federated Identity Management RFID Biometrics Smartcards U of Toronto and ADA



Invent targeted search: 

Invent targeted search

Lead the wireless revolution: 

Lead the wireless revolution



Get into the community: 

Get into the community







Simple Collaboration Tools: 

Simple Collaboration Tools MSN .NET Messenger AOL Internet Messenger ICQ Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! IMvironments IRC Trillian by Cerulean 85%+ of people from ages 15-25 have at least one IM account - only 5% of over 30’s Messenger


IM Aaron Schmidt. . . PSU And more

Make the library discoverable: 

Make the library discoverable

Search Engine Optimization: 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: 

Search Engine Optimization

Make the library discoverable: 

Make the library discoverable

Build context first: 

Build context first

Persona Project: 

Persona Project Usability vs. Satisfaction Real needs Transactions vs. transformations

Positioning Ourselves for Scalability: 

Positioning Ourselves for Scalability The Old Model Content Users, Patrons, Clients, Students, Customers . . . Librarian (Filter, Selector, Gatekeeper, Gateway)

Positioning Ourselves for Scalability: 

Positioning Ourselves for Scalability The New Model Information Design and Delivery Service Design and Delivery

Let’s Talk About It!: 

Let’s Talk About It!

Work & Learning Environments: 

Work & Learning Environments Collaboratories & collaboration environments E-learning Presentation management systems Course management systems Learning management systems

Collaboratories : 

Collaboratories Thinking, decision making and learning environments This goes beyond chat rooms and videoconferences Communities of interest Communities of practice e-Neighbourhoods Distance education Rich communication Employee management

Collaboration Environments: 

Collaboration Environments WebEx MS LiveMeeting MS Groove Centra Raindance Flypaper Centerwheel (formerly Intervu Netpodium


A Definition of e-Learning Synchronous or asynchronous learning that is conducted over Internet, Intranet, Extranet or other Internet-based technologies IDC Canada


Product Segmentation Pedagogical Paradigm Region K to 12 Academic IT Skills Soft Skills Learning Content Learning Management Systems Authoring Tools Collaboration Tools Special Add-ons and Plug-ins Learning Infrastructure Education Consulting Technical Consulting Mentoring & Coaching Hosting Services Learning Services Text-Based Training Technology-based Training Classroom-based Training United States Canada Europe Latin America Asia-Pacific Rest of World


E-Learning eLearning Saba Click2Learn SkillSoft Docent Isopia (Sun) NewMindsets

Presentation Management Systems: 

Presentation Management Systems Sure beats conference tapes . . . BrainShark Presenter Inc. DoTell

Course Management Systems: 

Course Management Systems Blackboard WebCT Lotus Learning Space WBT Systems – Top Class eCollege Sakai MIT Learning Vcampus

Learning Management Systems: 

Learning Management Systems Element K Mindleaders Intellinex Newmindsets Allen Communication, Inc. DigitalThink, Inc. Docent, Inc. Eduprise Accenture Learning Xtremelearning uNext Hewlett-Packard Co. IBT Technologies, Inc. InterWise, Inc. ISOPIA (Sun) KnowledgeNet, Inc. LogicBay Corporation Ninth House Saba Skillsoft Thomson Learning Access Technologies Group NIIT eMind Convergsys CyberU


Saba Click2Learn SkillSoft Books24X7 Newmindsets York University


E-Learning Learning Commons Seneca College & Bibliocentre and LMLS


MS Live Meeting (PlaceWare) Webex Centra


Virtual Reference

Let’s Talk About It!: 

Let’s Talk About It!

The Classic Corn Research: 

The Classic Corn Research

Where do I start?????: 

Where do I start????? With a Re-View of: Your clients: their responsibilities & direction what would help them? What techniques to use?


Where I start?? With a Re-View of: Your Opportunities: what gaps can you fill in your clients’ lives? how can you make their lives easier? what knowledge can you help them gain? what problems can you help them solve? how can you entertain them? what services could you create?

Creativity and Idea Generation: 

Creativity and Idea Generation Creative and innovative solutions to your client’s problems Products and services they value Ideas??


Grab the Idea Assess the Market Define the Concept Develop the Product Develop the Marketing Plan Test the Product Launch Product and Marketing Plan Manage the Product Define target, needs & size Identify competitive offerings Build Prototype Position product within market Establish name and packaging Establish price, sales and distribution Set market test objectives, sites, timeframe, training, documentation Client Satisfaction Quality Control Define Product and its components Identify inputs needed Confirm content and source Innovate, brainstorm, create Service & Product Development Process Formal roll-out Based on the experience of many developers!

Opportunities: Re-adjust Our Thinking: 

Opportunities: Re-adjust Our Thinking “When I hear the mantra ‘anything, anywhere, anytime’, I try not to choke. My goal is to have ‘nothing, nowhere, never’, unless it is timely, important, relevant or engaging.” Nicholas Negroponte Wired Aug’94

Where do I start?????: 

Where do I start????? With a Re-View of: Your Capabilities: what people, skills, resources, tools, technology do you need? Technology: what do I want to have a look at?

Opportunities: Back to our basics: 

Opportunities: Back to our basics “The future has already arrived, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” from Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future, at ALA 1997

It’s time to start: 

It’s time to start With a Re-View of: Your organization Your library Your clients Opportunities: “Gap fillers!” Capabilities Technology Template…

Should you start?: 

Should you start? Librarianship... “To remain what it is, it must change; if it does not change, it will not remain what it is.” W. David Penniman Director, Library & Information Systems, AT&T Bell Labs, 1989

Should you start?: 

Should you start? “The only way to lose is not to try” Tom Peters, Liberation Management

Additional Reading: 

Additional Reading Designing & Redesigning Information Services for Maximum Input, Information Outlook, Jan 2002 Business Plans: Roadmaps for Growth & Success, Information Outlook, Dec 2000 Information Audits: Building a Critical Process, Searcher Magazine, Jan 2004

Recreating Services with New Technologies: Service Strategies for the Millennium: 

Recreating Services with New Technologies: Service Strategies for the Millennium Stephen Abram

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