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So, How can I Compete?[Little ol’ me?]: 

So, How can I Compete? [Little ol’ me?] Jim Idelson K1IR

Many Levels of Competition: 

Many Levels of Competition 'Big Gun' Competition Win or set a record in a major category 'Climber' Competition Win or place in a smaller category 'Starter' Competition Beat your own personal goals!

“Starter” Competition: 

'Starter' Competition Compete with a friend Join an ‘inside-the-club’ competition Compete with ‘past results’ Compete with yourself Set a personal goal and make it! Learn how to motivate yourself. Secret of the champs: Competing with yourself is how you win.

Your First Contest: 

Your First Contest What kind of operating do you enjoy most? Low bands? High bands? SSB? Digital? Domestic? DX? Find the contests that focus on this kind of operating. Pick a contest, a category, and get started!

Your First Contest: 

Your First Contest Do your homework Look at past scores in the contest What’s a great score from your area? A good score? Note how many hours each entrant put in Talk to others who have experience What kind of station capabilities are helpful? How does a good operator approach this contest? How many hours do they put in, and which are the best hours?

Your First Contest: 

Your First Contest Set your goals Set a few different goals – primary and secondary Have fun [PRI] Hours you commit to operate – 'Chair Time' [PRI] Learn a new operating skill – how to Sandamp;P [PRI] Commit to submit your score [PRI] Total QSOs you hope to make [SEC] Learn how your station and antennas perform [SEC] It’s your FIRST contest! Make your goals achievable . . . Be a success in your first outing!

Your First Contest: 

Your First Contest After the contest Post your score on 3830 Submit in your log Assess your performance against your goals Write a narrative describing what you did, what went well, what did not Think about areas to improve and goals for next time, and write them down Do all of this while the experience is fresh in your mind

Ways to Have More Fun: 

Ways to Have More Fun Don’t do it alone Do it with a friend Someone who is at the same stage as you You could both single-op or do a multi Find a mentor Someone with experience who will assist you in setting good goals, staying motivated, getting prepared and analyzing your performance when its all over

Ways to Have More Fun: 

Ways to Have More Fun Clear the decks Be focused 100% on the contest Let everybody who wants/needs your time and attention know that you will not be available during the contest Use a computer You can log your first contest with paper and pencil You will have fun, but Logging with a computer is way more fun

Ways to Have More Fun: 

Ways to Have More Fun Commit to Having Fun Fun is a state-of-mind Things will go wrong . . . You might not achieve all your goals . . . If you let these things get to you, the fun will be hard to find . . . But, if you remember that contesting poses new challenges at every level . . . You will always have fun!

A Winning Attitude: 

A Winning Attitude You can win your first contest! Do what you enjoy Set goals that you can achieve Stay focused Stay motivated Have fun Exceed your goals Repeat

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