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Christopher Nolan:

Christopher Nolan BY: Connor, Greer

Early Life:

Early Life He was born in London, England on July 3 rd 1970. Lived half of his life between London and Chicago, he had dual citizen ship in England and America. He graduated from the college of London. He has a younger and older brother.

Early Film Career:

Early Film Career His first film was a film he made with his friends and on his own budget called “Following”(1998) about a unemployed young writer who follows people through London. His first film he was hired to direct was his breakthrough hit “Memento”(2000). After seeing his success with Memento he was recruited by Steven Soderbergh to direct Insomnia staring Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

Well know Films Directed:

Well know Films Directed The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Inception The Prodigy Interstellar Man of Steel

How you know your watching a Christopher Nolan film:

How you know your watching a Christopher Nolan film The Protagonists are similar to the antagonists. Example: Jokers “your just a freak…Like me” General Zod telling Superman “we could rule these people” Everyone seems to have infinite resources Examples: Bruce Wayne is a billionaire so he gets whatever he wants, the joker never seems to run out of explosives and ammunition. Hugh Jackman's magician finances Nikola Tesla in The Prestige

Some Trailers :

Some Trailers The Dark Knight https :// Inception https:// Interstellar

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