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Looking for gorgeous flower bouquet to gift your loved one on a special occasion? Read this write up now to find the hidden historical meaning behind various flowers and choose the right bouquet for any occasion. Visit for more information.


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Disc ove r the M ea nin g of Vari ous Flow ers

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As Park Benjamin says “Flowers are loves truest language.” You can express your love and gratitude to someone special by giving a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Besides being beautiful every flower has a unique meaning. So if you are planning to buy a bouquet of flowers for any special occasion know the meaning of each flower.

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ROSE Rose is a symbol of love and passion. The ancient Romans and Greeks relate roses with Aphrodite and Venus goddesses of love.

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TULIP Tulips represent perfect love. They are originally from Persia and Turkey and they were brought to Europe in the 16th century.

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SUNFLOWER Sunflower also known as Himawari in Japan is the symbol of hope and recovery. It can be used to symbolize get well wishes.

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ORCHID In ancient period orchids were related to virility. Orchid is one of the most popular ornamental plants. These delicate graceful and exotic blooms represent love beauty luxury and strength. DAISY Daisy symbolizes purity innocence and loyal love. Gerbera Daisies convey cheerfulness.

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