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Patrick McCarthy:

Patrick M cCarthy Communication 108 Final Project

Interpersonal Relationships:

Interpersonal Relationships People - Groups Individuals

Why Study This? :

Why Study This? Improve relationships build stronger interpersonal skills build self- confidence

Slide 7:

The Self

Sense of Self :

Sense of Self Experience Perception The Mind is Social

Primary Groups:

Primary Groups family close friends intimate relationships established a sense of safety, morality, and ethics

Secondary Groups:

Secondary Groups all other person-to-person interactions

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Sense of Self

Slide 19:

Looking- Glass Self

Slide 20:

Others define us

Looking Glass Self:

Looking Glass Self Three Step Process


1. We imagine how others see us.


2. We imagine how others judge us.


3. We react accordingly.

Slide 27:

Internal response to our perception of external factors

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Thank you!

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