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Al Amria High Scool -Beni Mellal Saturday , Feb 20th , 2010 Technology supported Learning Projects Mr Mbarek Akaddar Hassan II High School Beni Mellal

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What’s telecollaboration ? What’s telecollaborative project work ? What’s IEARN ? Characteristics of IEARN projects The Way We Play Project Steps to start a project on IEARN Tips for IEARN project management The main points of the presentaion

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Telecollaboration is a structured activity in which students use Internet tools such as e-mail, chat, Web pages, blogs,wikis ,forums , podcasts, etc. to access, process and share data and to communicate, cooperate and collaborate. What’s Telecollaboration?

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Telecollaborative project work is a term that has developed to describe online student project work that combines the use of telecollaboration and some form of a project-based activity.In other words , it is technology supported learning projects Telecollaborative Project Work

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International Education and Resource Network

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over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in 130 countries. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide. an inclusive and culturally diverse community a safe and structured environment in which young people can communicate

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an opportunity to apply knowledge in service-learning projects a community of educators and learners making a difference as part of the educational process iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies.

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To facilitate teacher and student-directed collaborative on-line project work To create global, national, and local support structures to sustain project work To demonstrate that on-line education can enhance learning and improve the quality of life on the planet iEARN Goals

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a safe and structured environment for children to communicate a known audience for writing and reading for a purpose an opportunity to apply knowledge in service-learning projects an inclusive and culturally diverse community of supportive educators opportunities to meet f2f– Morocco 2009 iEARN Platform

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Stimulate students’ engagement and service in their community. Develop civil awareness and responsibility. Build a supportive community of educators that share the latest teaching methodologies. Integrate technology in the curriculum in meaningful projects. Improve learning and teaching practices. iEARN Project Objectives

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Address a real life question or problem that is interesting & exciting to you AND your students. Have accessible & age appropriate resources to investigate the topic. Provide opportunities to make connections to other classes as well as in and out of school and enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Involve students in team work. Can be addressed through a variety of strategies & activities. Help students with various strengths and inclinations. iEARN Project Requirements

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Child Labor Children’s rights Environment and Ecology Gender equity Globalization Human rights Peace Prejudice and discrimination Racism Refugees, Conflicts and wars Tolerance, Women’s rights and role in society Poverty iEARN Project Themes

The Way We Play Project : 

The Way We Play Project

The Way We Play Project : 

The Way We Play Project

The Way We Play Project : 

The Way We Play Project

The Way We Play Project : 

The Way We Play Project

The Way We Play Project : 

The Way We Play Project

How to Start? : 

Step One: Complete iEARN Registration Step Two: Choose a project that fits your curriculum, timeline, ages of your students, appropriate languages, etc. Step Three: Create a list of your objectives for choosing and joining a project. Step Four: Contact the project facilitator. Step Five: Introduce the project to your students. Step Six: introduce yourself and your class in the project forum. Have students respond to other students before posting their own work. Step Seven: Have students publish their work. Step Eight: Share your work locally, and continue participation in iEARN. How to Start?

Tips for Posting on Forums : 

describe the essence of your message in the Subject line write the most important things in the first paragraph Limit the number of attachments you post to the forums Try to configure your mailing software so that it sends out only plain text Tips for Posting on Forums

Tips for Successful Participation : 

Try to create a globally aware classroom/school environment Create a system for peer-editing in your class Communicate so that your participants know that you are still interested Ensure language is cross cultural Tips for Successful Participation

Thank you very much Your questions are welcome : 

Thank you very much Your questions are welcome

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