Andrew Harpp's Birthday Itinerary

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Mister Harpp , Once again you have trumped my creative aspirations in purchasing your birthday present. This has left me with no other choice then to resort to mushy, hopefully inspiring, attempts to make you feel as amazing as you are. I have come up with one possible birthday wish to offer you... ADVENTURE

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Although I appreciate all of your hard work…it’s time to start enjoying the life you’re working so hard for!

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The Necessities: Private Jet, Super Rad multi-pocket fanny pack and backing essentials.

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And of Course Your Tour Guide! Here are a few adventures ideas we can easily conquer the bucket lists with:

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Rio de Janeiro Already on your itinerary but I would like to ask that we attend Carnival…especially if we can find matching headdresses.

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2. India>Nepal>Sri Lanki To attend the Holi Festival in the end of winter (March>April) which is a celebration of monumental proportions…We must go.

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Fiji : I CANNOT BELIEVE TURTLE ISLAND WAS NOT ON YOUR LIST! It’s okay-breathe…I’ve already tracked down a desirable island and villa… I’m buying this island, and a plane for you to fly out and visit as I don’t think you would otherwise.

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Must-Sees That I Know Nothing About But Hope You Want To Go To 4. China: Great Wall, Marathon Training 5. Oslo, Norway: One of the highest ranking cities for prosperity, happiness and longevity… 6. Vietnam: To see how we can start an import/export company to fund our travels…

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7. Oh! And Africa!! Safaris and Humanitarian Projects for a Minimum of 3 Months…Hope You’ve Had Your Injections. You May Be Forced Into Male Modeling if Funds Get Low…

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8. Paris, France: Culinary Classes at the Heart of the Champs-Elysees, Naps on the Rhine, Jazz Concert in the Latin District…You’ll Never Want to Leave. You Will Be Forced to Also Eat My Culinary Experiments Along The Way...Kind of a Make/Breaker.

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9. Santorini : Retirement. You Called It – Now Let’s Make It Happen. Could be us…

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No More Talk. Plan Out Your Big Trip For 2011, The One Place You Need to Cross Off Your Bucket List (and can stand company on). Pick the Place and I’ll Take Care of The Rest. Let’s Just Make It Happen . Birthday Surprise TBSIP (“To Be Seen In Person”). You are an Amazing Gift to Have in My Life . XO M

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