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Types of B P O on the Basis of Location

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Business process outsourcing has become incredibly popular with companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups over the last two decades. Businesses in every industry can now outsource non-core processes while applying more resources to core business functions.

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TYPES OF BPO ON THE BASIS OF LOCATION Depending on the location of the provider there are three types of BPO for your business process management needs:

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Offshore Outsourcing Offshore vendors are located in foreign countries. For example a company in the USA can hire an offshore virtual assistant from India.

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Onshore Outsourcing Onshore vendors are located within the same geographic borders as the company but may be positioned in a different city or state. For example a company in Denver Colorado hires a provider in Takoma Park Maryland to perform non-core processes.

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Nearshore Outsourcing Nearshore vendors sit in bordering and neighboring countries to that of the company. For instance business process outsourcing services in Canada and Mexico are considered nearshore vendors to the United States.

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